3 Strategies To Write For Cash


Writing for cash is becoming really popular.  And I think it’s because the more you do this the greater your success will have.  Article writing has a residual effect.

Here are article marketing strategies to put cash in your pocket fast…

Place Your Articles into an Ebook

This is a real killer. Placing your articles into an Ebook really ensures that your work is read by many, many serious Internet surfers, as Ebook diggers by themselves tend to be voracious readers. Additionally, they tend to share and pass on an Ebook that they have favorable views on, to many others so your article gets read by many people, even if it is placed in a single Ebook.

Authentic and valuable information

The articles you create for your business should carry valuable and authentic information. It should position you as a subject expert and the reader should be convinced that you are speaking the truth and a solution to his quest is available with you. Building this trust is difficult, but the rewards will be large and recurring. Building trust will be in the forefront of all article marketing tips.

Article Flavor

Does your site excite your readers. “Today I am going uncover secrets that will help you build a list of 21,209 subscribers ALL from articles.” NOW Does that get your attention!

Of course it does. Because it’s specific, It’s something that if you could attain you would be a wealthy man, and it doesn’t answer everything but leaves you wanting more! Keep viewers interested from start to finish and the best way to do this is. By giving value and adding promise to articles!