4 Easy Steps To Make Money Writing and Selling Content


There are many ways you can make money writing and selling articles on the web. I use to write about 10 articles per day and make every bit of $1000 each time off of those articles. Some people don’t believe this is possible. There are many ways you can make money writing and selling articles on the web. What is so cool about it is, you don’t need to have a degree or any special skills to do it. In this article, I will show you how to write ten simple articles and let them make money for you!

Private Label Articles- What of the most common and useful ways to make money on the web is selling PLR articles. Basically, you pick a niche and re-write 10 quick articles relating to that niche. You then take those articles and sell them to webmasters who are looking for fresh and quick content, but don’t want to pay major bucks for them. You will be able to sell these articles for cheap because you will be selling them over and over again. This is one of the best ways to make money writing and selling articles. Now take those articles and go to webmaster forums and sell them there. Or, you could put them on your own website and just insert a Paypal button. Make sure to list the article’s title and word count and watch the cash roll in! Of course, you will have to advertise your website. The best way to do this would be by building 30-40 high page rank backlinks to your site each day.

Original articles- This method works the same as PLR articles. But if you want to make money writing and selling your original articles, you will fair better selling them on auction sites like Ebay. This is because people want to make sure you are not selling the articles to multiple buyers. They will probably do a Copyscape test anyway to check and make sure the articles are original.

E-books- This is probably one of the most traditional methods when you want to make money writing and selling your articles. Ebooks are easier to make a profit from because you don’t have to keep re-writing articles. You can just write one e-book and resell it over and over again. I can focus more on marketing my product then creating new products, which is time consuming and fustrating.

Promotional articles- These type of articles are good if you want to make money writing and selling your content. Most webmasters take promotional articles and submit them to press release sites or article directories to get traffic back to their sites. They are really quick and easy to write as well. Most of the time, the webmaster just requires you to write a certain amount of words into the article for SEO benefit.

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