4 essays 3 are 2 pages and one 5 page research?

  1. 3 mini papers 2 pages each from the first 6 topics and 1 research essay of 5 pages from the  4 topics after


  1. How does the Family Life Cycle Affect the way firms market to their customers?
  2. How have the developments in social media and digital analytics affected the way firms have marketed? 
  3. How many subcultures are there in the DVM area. How can a firm go about targeting these subcultures? Should they try to or should they pursue a one size fits all strategy.
  4. What has been the effect of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and how has it impacted the ability  of American firms to compete internationally?
  5. How has the use of Google Analytics impacted the world of marketing research?
  6. How would you design curriculum that prepares you for the kind of jobs we saw in the Marketing Jobs Discussion

research is from these 4 topics

1) Has social media helped make word-of-mouth the best form of marketing?

2) How effective is personal branding?

3) With minorities expected to become the majority in the US is now the time to stop multicultural marketing?


4) Can marketing be used to change the outcomes of poverty?