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Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Your manager tells you about a new department the company will be adding that is part of the company’s strategic plan to enter a particular market segment. Your manager would like you to manage one of the teams in this new department. Your manager has put together the team you will be managing. Your new team consists of the members of your current Learning Team. To be successful in the new market segment, your team must efficiently accomplish the goals set by the company. Your manager, therefore, would like you to develop a leadership approach for each team member on your team based on the theories of leadership and each member’s individual personalities. Write a memo to your manager of no more than 1,400 words in which you explain how you plan to successfully lead your team. • Evaluate the individuals, including yourself, based on the personality assessment. • Evaluate the situation in terms of urgency, culture, and so forth.

• Determine leadership approaches, based on individuals and the situation. Highlight the principles you have applied from various leadership theories. Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Your Learning Team is a team of managers of a customer call center for timeshare vacations. Discuss, with your team, the types of control measures you would use to see how efficient and effective an employee is. Discuss, with your team, the measures you would use to evaluate the entire call center. Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing the findings of your discussion. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Review the Example and Practice sections of the Balanced Scorecard Module to practice reading and evaluating the information it presents. Complete the Assignment section of the Balanced Scorecard Module to evaluate the performance of the organization against established standards. • Identify the performance gaps. • Recommend actions to reduce performance gaps. Note. The Balanced Scorecard Module will give you an option to save your assignment in a document on your desktop. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Write a paper of no more than 350 words, based on the Career Exploration, describing how this course applies to your career plan. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Read Case Application 1, “Lessons from Lehman Brothers: Will We Ever Learn?” at the end of Ch. Discuss the scenario with your team. Discuss the second, third, and fifth discussion questions at the end of the case with your team. Answer each question based on your team’s discussion in no more than 350 words per question. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. SWOT analysis of her prospects relative to getting a job. Casey is looking for a new job. In performing a SWOT analysis, which of the following would be considered as a threat? D. Length of future commitmentser, which contingency factor will affect the choice of plans?

Users designate age parameters, in order to access age-appropriate materials. Games like pinball help younger users, while worksheets and tutorials serve high-schoolers and beyond. Discovery Education promotes learning with free educational resources for students of all ages. Refdesk.com’s Homework Helper tackles all subjects, listing specific resources for secondary school students. B J Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper provides free, online resources for elementary, middle and high school students. References are categorized in topical areas that include: Art, music, English, foreign language, science, social studies, and other core curricular content. Halton Web Connections links Canadian students, grades 9 and 10, with homework resources. Subjects are broken-down into sub-categories like chemistry, biology, civics, geography and history. Home Instruction Schools compiles search engine links, and other homework help sites, so users needn’t go far to secure all their homework answers. Kid Info breaks middle school classroom subjects down, into specific sub-categories, allowing student-users to seek information efficiently. Learn That Word provides vocabulary and spelling help for students of all ages. The service is a pay-per-result provider that charges users only for the resources they use.

Toledo Public Library maintains a list of links leading to resources for primary and secondary school students. Santa Cruz Public Library offers a helpful resource on proper bibliography notation. Bright Hub Education helps students with resources for completing English homework, including literature summaries and word origins. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics maintains homework resources for K-8 students. Newton Free Library maintains K-12 study resources, including strong history references covering American and world history. Earth Observatory is a NASA resource that helps students understand issues like climate change, storms, and other earthly phenomenon. Ask a Scientist, sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), supports homework efforts by pointing students to valuable scientific resources. The US Central Intelligence Agency is a prime resource for information about world affairs and economics. The CIA World Factbook includes references covering history, geography, economics, communications and other international concerns. Department of Defense Educational Activity places the focus on students who need help. Virginia Tech Student Affairs maintains a Q and A resource that helps students explore their individual homework habits. Participants enhance study skills by identifying personal shortcomings. Homework Hotline helps Indiana students with specific homework questions.

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