5 Hot Tips For a Go Green Bathroom


Never thought about going green in the bathroom? The bathroom is, in fact a wonderful place to start your home “greening” project. After all, this is the room that uses the most water and more than likely contains the most chemical anywhere in the house. If you can find efficient ways to cut the water flow and reduce or replace the toxic chemicals you are currently using, you will have a significant impact on the whole environment. Here are 5 hot tips to help get you started.

1. Get Rid Of Synthetics

Did you know that replacing your towels made from synthetic materials is an excellent way to better the environment? Towels made from cotton require less pesticides, use more natural dyes and are way better for sensitive skin than man made materials. Not to mention, they are way more soft and comfy and absorb water way better to begin with.

This also goes for that shower curtain you are using. Replace that vinyl curtain with a heavy cotton duck and get rid of the PVC. Your body will love you even more.

2. Go Natural On The Soap

Speaking of your body, your skin practically begs you to get rid of the chemicals! Check the labels on the soap you are using and then compare that to the glycerin products that not only work as well but won’t absorb toxics through your skin. This goes for hair shampoos as well.

3. Check Your Water Flow

How much water is going down the drain when shower time arrives? Especially those of us with kids who spend 20 minutes in the shower. You can get low flow shower heads that reduce consumption by 30% without any noticeable water pressure and they work great. This adds up like you wouldn’t believe over a years time.

4.Buy Your Water Heater A Jacket

That’s right! By insulating your water heater and simply lowering the thermostat on it to 120 will save you tons of money in a years time on the amount of energy you are using to heat all that water for morning showers. You will also reduce your chance at accidental scalding by doing this so you will win twice by doing something simple and only costing a few buck for the insulation blanket.

5. Green Cleaning

Do you know what is on the label of your favorite cleaning products? Cleaning products have a government mandated warning label and you should be able to read it correctly. They use terms that are used from least to most toxic and are in the following order. “Caution”, “Warning” and “Poison/Danger”. Try and use only the products that are labeled “caution”. They work just as well and leave a much smaller footprint on our environment.

There are many more ways to green up the bathroom in your home and you will not only benefit on how your decisions react with the environment but also can save you big in the wallet. Going green doesn’t mean you have to deal with less if you know what to look for and how to use what you already have. Once you discover how to green up your bathroom you will soon find that expanding your knowledge to the rest of your house will be a breeze and have benefits that will last pretty much forever.


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