5 Important Tips For Writing A Thesis


Writing a good thesis will depend on many important issues. One should first be able to examine the kind of thesis that is to be presented. A thesis can be analytical in nature, explanatory in nature or it can be argumentative in its format. If the thesis does not fall in any of the three mentioned categories and is just narrative in nature, the writer will then have to be precise explaining what the thesis is all about. The 5 important tips for writing a thesis are as follows:

1) Write for a big audience
While writing your thesis, you have to look from the other person’s point of view. Though you may be writing for researchers, you must be aware that all of them may not necessarily be specialists on your particular topic. So, be careful with the topic you write, particularly in the introduction.

2) Be right with your writing style :
Your content in the thesis should be very precise and specific in nature. Although your style of writing should be formal, it is also important to keep it simple with less complicated sentences and paragraphs. Over all, ensure that the thesis relates to the topic mentioned and it should contain evidence with regard to the claims made in the thesis.

3) Organize yourself :
You can maximize your efficiency towards your research, by organizing yourself right from the beginning itself. If you do this, you will then have more time to write your thesis. Get into the habit of keeping track of your files in the early phases of your research. If you are organized, you will then find everything going smooth, with regard to your research effort and then you will be able to easily write your thesis.

4) Select a research problem that is soluble and which is based on a good time frame
It is important to choose a problem that can be solved and that too within a reasonable period of time. If you select a topic that takes long time and also not solvable, you can then run the risk of someone else identifying the entire issue which may then be solved before you do. In such a situation, you will loose that uniqueness that is required for your thesis. Thus, you will have to start all over again.

5) Ensure that you have an interesting topic :
Your thesis should be based on an interesting topic. Both you and your advisor should find the thesis interesting. If your advisor finds your topic interesting, he will express his willingness to read, support, fund accordingly. Also, there are high chances of being provided with timely feedback and direction towards your thesis writing.

Your thesis should contain correct grammatical sense. No slang or undefined technical jargon’s should be used. The words used in the thesis should convey the right meaning intended. Just by knowing how to write thesis is not enough. You also need to practice a lot.