6 Great Gas Saving Tips

The price of petrol just keeps going up and up!  Gas  prices are killer. If me using my car was rare before (I like buses and bicycles), it’s even rarer now. Last time was when I paid a visit to the Stevenswood Spa Resort, I think. People are looking for ways for their  gas  money to stretch farther, thus saving  gas , and I’m no exception. A few months back, I asked a friend of mine who worked for a car company if he had some practical advice. Now, I’m here to share his valuable advice with all of you!

1. Find cheap  gas . This is the most obvious solution, but often overlooked. Major  gas  companies add a lot to price by adding various additives to your  gas  then giving it a fancy name! Keep a sharp eye out for  gas  prices as well. If a station seems to have a lower price, take the chance and load up.

2. Accelerate and brake right. Every time you step on the  gas , you lose fuel. Don’t stomp on it! Slowly push down with your foot. If you’re close to something, don’t slam the brakes. Raise your foot from the  gas  and let the car decelerate naturally, saving the brake for when you really need it. Keep doing this until it becomes second nature. You can save 20% of your  gas  this way, experts say.

3. Dump the weight. A jack and a spare tire are fine, but carrying your gardening tools in your trunk may be excessive! Get rid of anything that’s not necessary. Same goes for luggage racks or similar devices on your car roof; not only is it weight, but more drag. Get rid of it when you’re not using it to save  gas .

4. Ride the wave! Vehicles, when moving, push air to the side to make room for it to go through. This causes drag and slows down your car. Take advantage of this! If you’re behind a large vehicle like a truck, which displaces a lot of air, there will be much less drag, thus less  gas  used to get the same speed. Race car drivers use this to great effect. So, why don’t you do that too?

5. Share  gas . You’ll save a lot of  gas  if there are more people! Why not start or join a carpool? Expenses are split between you, and that’s less cars on the road, less  gas  used up, and less cash spent! It’s not always possible, but if a chance presents itself, do yourself a favor and jump on it.

6. Maintain your car. Replacing a clogged filter can increase your mileage by 10%. Using the right oil also improves efficiency. Check your tires and make sure they’re filled with air. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you!

There are more things you can do to save  gas , but these are the more general ones. Any  gas-saving  tips you like to share? Opinions are always welcome!

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