6 Ways to Stop Drunk Driving


Drunk driving has been an ongoing issue not only the U.S., but in many areas around the world. Various organizations have tried different things to prevent drunk driving, but this problem keeps going on and on. It seems that every time you turn on the news, there’s a report about a celebrity who’s been caught drunk driving. This problem as become acceptable in our society. Some of the ideas that have been brought up to conquer this drunk driving problem include:

* Passing laws that prohibit open containers in public places. Some states also have laws that prohibit open containers in cars. Whether or not these types of laws have prevented drunk driving is actually difficult to know.

* Special designation on the license plates of people whose driver’s license have been revoked or suspended for a DUI/DWI.

* Restricting nighttime driving for younger drivers.

* Monitoring repeat drunk driving offenders with electronic devices such as ankle bracelets or installing breath analyzing instruments in their vehicles.

* Requiring the government to provide more education in schools and information about alcohol and drunk driving to prospective drivers.

* Have more public service announcements on TV and the radio.

Perhaps more education, increased awareness and harsher penalties would probably be the best combination to prevent drunk driving. Moreover, creating a sense of social responsibility in our children could further reduce DUI instances in the future. Being consistent in advertising or literature is important in educating people on the dangers of drinking and driving. A one-time TV ad or newspaper article isn’t enough these days to convince people to stop their bad behavior!