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7. Sharing the gospel message requires a lot of details and therefore you should always allow atleast 30 minutes. 9. It is holy spirit that convicts the unbeliever’s heart. 14. To be an effective witness a person must have formal bible college training. 15. Christians should use clever rhetoric in their presentation if they hope to see people won to Christ. 17. What a Christian does is as important as what they say when it comes to sharing the goodness of god with others. 18. When sharing the gospel Christians should take time to listen the person to understand their life situation. 20. Muhammad’s visions would eventually be compiled into islam’s scared text, the qu’ran. 1. Moderate pluralism presents god as completely mercifual. 2. Which of the following best exemplifies the new religious tolerance? 4. Tolerance should be viewed in reference to how we: (selected answer: respond to people with which we disagree).

6. According to the apostle paul, christens should be peaceable toward people regardless opinions. 7. The concept of the new tolerance is inconsistent if not impossible to live since human will disagree with each other’s views regarding truth. 8. Traditional tolerance is impossible to practice in today’s culture. 9. The search of significance, as expressed by postmodemism is a reaction to the emptiness of modernism. 12. Telling stories or giving personal testimonies is not effective when sharing the gospel message with the postmodern. 13. Traditional tolerance has to do with how one treats people as well as ideas that are believed to be false. 15. The definition of the word tolerance may not have changed, but our culture has dramatically changed its meaning. 19. The Christiana apologist needs to try to save and re-establish modernism. 20. According to the course content all truth is god’s truth. 1. No other religion can confirm the hope of eternal life like Christianity because Jesus Christ is the only founder of a religion who has bodily rose from dead.

2. Christianity is the well-reasoned, faculty based worldview on the planet. 3. The following cannot be said of the bible. 4. For the Old Testament prophets, what was the ultimate apologetic? 5. Preaching “the word” only refers to the Old Testament since writing of timothy 4:2 was before the New Testament was competed. 6. When presenting the gospel to people christens should be. 7. Because the respect that people had for the Apostle Paul his message of Jesus Christ was accepted by almost everyone who heard him. 8. The prophet Muhammad also performed miracles to show that the Qur’an was true like Jesus and the apostles did to prove that they said was true and from god. 9. When Jesus presented the gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it. 10. Variants in the biblical manuscripts have provided great difficulty in determining the clear message of the biblical text.

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