Updated on July 19, 2016 Kylyssa Shay moreContact Author What Makes Your Work Worth Sharing? If You Don’t Know, You Need To! You can share your content on social media until your fingers fall off but it won’t do any good unless it contains something worth sharing. I’m not sure why so many people who aren’t naturally writing geniuses don’t seem to realize this or at least their actions don’t reflect it. In my opinion, it’s the most important thing you can possibly realize when striving for online writing success. Instead, many people seem to try to focus on how to get views without making sure that what they’ve created deserves to get those views. There’s something you need to do before you hit share, before you ask for a critique, and even before you start writing. You need to ask yourself how you are going to make your writing outstanding. I don’t mean outstanding in the way people who like you and are trying to encourage you might say it, I mean actually outstanding, superb.

I have written several pieces of viral content, some with byline and some without. I tried to distill my process down to eight tips and you can find them below. Don’t make your decision based on what you like to write or what you think you write best. Base it instead on what your readers have liked in the past. Keep in mind it may not even intersect with your area of greatest expertise. Determine which things you’ve written have the most natural social media shares. Natural social media shares come from people you don’t know who are sharing strictly because they were impressed with the content, so don’t count any shares from share and share alike groups. Whatever pieces of yours others have shared the most will be a good place to start. Then think about what else you can write in that topic or style. No, even further than that! Now that you’ve determined what topics and styles you write best, decide what your next piece will be about. Narrow it down to an extremely tight and specific topic.

For example, an article about the best desserts is way too general. The best chocolate desserts would still be too general. You want to get to the subtopic level equivalent of the best gluten-free, no-bake, vegan chocolate desserts. Yes, get that specific. Leave the sprawling, general information to the big boys, the established authority sites. You can’t top them in that arena unless you have already become one of them somehow. And something tells me you wouldn’t bother reading this if you had. Take a day and try to forget you’re a writer. Forget you’re an Internet marketer that day, too, if you are one. Now go be a reader. Read anything and everything you can find in that niche topic you chose. Choose the most exceptional, cool pieces on that topic and bookmark them. If you can’t find anything exceptional on the topic, you may be onto something else. You may be able to see what’s missing and fill that gap yourself. You may have used social media to promote your work, but have you used it as it was intended?

Have you used it to share funny pictures that made you laugh or news that has you outraged with friends? Have you used it to share amazing recipes or genius tutorials you didn’t write? Have you used it to form relationships with like-minded people or to follow topics that fascinate you? If you haven’t, you’d better dive right the heck in for a bit. Relax, be a person first and leave the writing for later. If you don’t know what grabs a person and makes them really want to share something, if you haven’t a clue you need to do it and feel it. If you haven’t felt that indefinable something that makes people want to share something you can’t even know what you’re striving for. Create a separate identity and find things you absolutely just have to share in the broader parent topic of that topic you excel at writing.

Get sucked into at least one social media network for a while. Do not share your own work during this time, not one single URL. Do that on your self-promotion accounts if you must but not on this one. Keep this one purely an exercise in learning what is amazing in your parent topic and what others find amazing in it. Share only what you think is absolutely fantastic. Once you’ve been fully sucked in and lost your evenings or weekends or lunch break to social media it’s time to do the post mortem. Well, maybe analysis would be a better way to put it. Anyway, find the items that you and others shared that got shared the most. Do not count your own stuff. If you did that, don’t count them. That is, unless one of them got at least 100,000 views within a week, a condition I’d call sub-viral. So go back through what you shared and find out which of those items other people shared. Now try to see what made you love them. The only way to succeed is to do and keep on doing until you can’t.

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