A critique of paper writing service


Paper writing service remains a critical contact between students and the business world. The latter have learnt that writing is not a fancy subject for most students. They have thus edged a market where they sell their services and the students can buy their solutions to this task most of them consider horrendous.

Most college tutors and educationists have continued to voice their concerns against this growing trend. They are helpless in taming it. This is because it is not a crime and more so because it is a case of willing buyers meeting willing sellers and negotiating the terms. The students and those in support of the paper writing service enumerate the reasons as to why the trend exists and the merits in terms of; saving time and ensuring there is the opportunity to perform other activities as well as easing the psychological pressure and stress associated with increased workload. This increased antagonism is based on what each camp considers potential negative results.

While each side may have a genuine and logical argument, we observe that they are all addressing auxiliary issues than tackling the root problem. The schooling system has failed to inculcate a writing culture in the students. As such the students shun away from paper writing at all cost. Where students have been introduced to this task, there has been lack of zeal to appreciate why they need to write for themselves. Most of them would rather read for exams and have someone else do this unbearable task. The solution as such lies in putting effort to change the attitude of students towards writing. We need to change the perception that writing is punitive and let the students understand the role of writing in academic circles. Unless we effectively achieve this, paper writing services will continue to be a preferred choice for students.

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