Of course, we all know what a restaurant employee handbook must contain, but there are also many things that it may contain that are not necessarily total “musts.” That’s what this article is all about. Some restaurants have rules about what is to be served with what, especially various chains. The last is something that needs to be in every restaurant employee handbook, even if you do not offer the other things suggested in your handbook. Each restaurant employee needs to know that they will be treated fairly and with the utmost regard for consistency. Interestingly enough few restaurant employee handbooks ask their employees for feedback. This is such a shame, as the employees are the first to receive praise from the customers, as well as dissatisfaction from any customers. To not receive that kind of feedback is tantamount to asking for your particular restaurant to fail. One of my favorite inserts in a restaurant employee handbook offers a list of the competitors in the area, and employees are encouraged to write a quick report on them if they happen to go there. This allows the restaurant owner to analyze the competition, as well as determine any of their deficiencies and finally to exploit them! All from their restaurant employee handbook! Jerome Chiaro is a Restaurant Owner & Consultant out of Orange County, CA. Don’t train your staff alone! He can help you spend LESS TIME and become MORE EFFECTIVE… Claim your copy of his Free Restaurant Employee Handbook. Success doesn’t happen alone! Join a mastermind of restaurant owners and a wealth of resources, at his Free Restaurant Forms Blog.

This is where it started. From there, they were able to have an engagement with other body builders; in other words, coming together for a common purpose of getting bigger and badder, thus creating the body building blog. In this forum, the bloggers have an alignment, a coming together, for the furthering of their knowledge from women who have been able to pack on the muscle. I can also use Gee here. While some people may be getting online and mushfaking their actual gym activity, many women are posting pictures and updates of what they are doing and the progress they are making to be able to prove that their routine works. They are using actual photographic evidence of their secondary discourse to be able to prove their point. The data that I have collected so far is pretty basic. The authority figures in the blog are those who have posted the most, and have been ranked by RepPower. The most RepPower seems to be the most trustworthy according to the website. Also, the blogs have links that go back to their BodySpace so you can see who they are, their progress, and their lives basically.

They also seem to have their own lingo which I will be deciphering. Many of these terms are, I’m sure, from the competition world, but they are being used in everyday nutrition/workout blogs for these women as well. As these women are serious in their pursuit, I’m sure there will be more than enough blogs for me to further investigate this community. I’m second in life a redditor. I’m not as quasi-religiously dedicated as others, however I do make a point to check out my favorite sub-reddits frequently (Namely politics, technology, and science). Part of my inspiration to return to reddit and continue my digital life there was the SOPA/PIPA blackout undertaken by many major websites. While normally a given website is relatively disconnected from their physical lives, reddit actually reverses this in a limited fashion. Namely their IAmA (I am a ) threads which you have to prove who you are in order to be accepted as such, and then usually upvoted for interest. Now as can be easily seen I have already used reddit specific vernacular, and further more I have shown a degree of “In crowd” for reddit due to my having the knowledge of these discourses.

Collectively however reddit is incredibly judgmental regarding grammar and form, which has driven people out of the community before and discourages posting in general for fear of immediate backlash over your grammar. This makes it a necessary skill to be able to spell effectively and form complete thoughts without gaps that can be attacked. Furthermore you can collect “kudos” or “link karma” for constructive posting and up-votes given to you. This allows for individuals to be considered trustworthy or reputable after a fashion. In an era of internet based communication, particularly of shopping and of social interaction with peer groups, you can most certainly see a strong correlation between internet literacy (or more generally computer literacy) and social ability. However as you begin looking at the workforce, you can also see how computer skills may benefit you from an economic viewpoint as well. For instance if you’re knowledgeable about your employers potential checking of your social sites, might you be more restrained? These are very relevant questions in today’s economy and in dire need of being addressed.

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