A Proposal of How IT Strategic Solutions can Help Company Expansion (1, 2)


A Proposal for Provision of IT Strategic Solutions to Help Company Expansion (1, 2)

AEnergy Company is an organization that conducts its services in California, Chicago and Fresno. The company specializes in production of elements that improves the energy production and efficiency. The company’s customer list indicates that much of its development occurs in the Southern and Eastern parts of America. The management is of the opinion that these areas can be better served with the decentralization of production and sales locations in each area. The new production and sales location can also aid the development of regional customer base. However, it is essential to assess the capacity of IT infrastructure before the company expansion. This can determine its capacity to respond to transformation. I have carried out a SWOT analysis of the current IT infrastructure of AEnergy Company to provide management with information for evaluating the feasibility of the proposal.

Justification for the Proposal

Expanding companies need to understand whether their IT infrastructure can meet the proposed expansion. AEnergy Company’s growing stature has forced its management to expand its operations to the Southern and Eastern parts of America. However, the management needs an assessment of the company’s current IT infrastructure to make decisions on the proposed expansion. This proposal offers an evaluation of AEnergy Company’s current IT infrastructure. It provides the infrastructure’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats. The proposal also provides recommendation on how the infrastructure can be strengthened to keep the company abreast with quality service delivery to its clients. The proposal has a communication plan that outlines the strategy for the adoption of the recommendation. This proposal will be relevant in informing the expansion of AEnergy Company.

This section presents the strengths of AEnergy Company infrastructure. The existing strengths of AEnergy Company IT infrastructure include connection with the customers. The organization’s IT infrastructure can serve and connect clients. The IT infrastructure entails elements that enable staff to incorporate technology into their design, development. It also entails production of parts for energy efficiency and energy creation organizations in both central and Western parts of America. The infrastructure can support two similar-sized bureaus and production locations in the same areas. The other strength is that the staffs available work as a team to complement the infrastructure. The IT manager, Cameron Kern has the capacity to oversee his mandate such as trouble shooting the system, disaster recovery and supervision of the training. His experience and expertise is an asset to the IT infrastructure (Arnold).

The current IT infrastructure design can handle 20% expansion. The systems have the capacity to deal with any anticipated development to a scale of 20% growth of the server and system use and storage. In addition, to help in rainy seasons or other power disruptions, each site has alternative power provision and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provisions. The sites have 4,000 AMP, 480-volt electrical system with independent transformers, 1-megawatt redundant UPS power with 2,400 AMP and 48-volt, positive ground DC power plant. They also have distribution, 1-megawatt paralyzing UPS system with redundant master and emergency busses, and 2-megawatt diesel generator system. The two organizational locations have the same settings of the network to provide backing for the other location in case of an emergency. Each location can operate independently. The sites have their own Internet networks and servers and daily support to ensure negligible data loss in the case of an emergency. Routers check each location in the IT infrastructure several courses for data and network traffic. They regulate the current of data and ensure it does not proceed on an internal loop (Arnold).

A solitary Internet service facility with a tier-one carrier offers the ability and backup to the locations. A cybernetic private network channels the firewalls on each site and for secure networks. In addition, wireless connections are available at each site. Each wireless connection uses WPA encryption and MAC address filtering for security (Arnold).

The weakness of the IT infrastructure is that only a few numbers of staff is available in the company. The types of networks and the capabilities of the switches and routers may have to change to meet the new upgrading. The internal and external communication abilities of the infrastructure need improvement to respond to the new expansion demands. The system is also unsecure and is prone to external attack. The other weaknesses are lack of links with social networks to enhance client connectivity and low network memory. Also they are lacks of mobile applications for the systems and virtualization ability especially one that can enable live migration of the networks (Arnold).

The opportunity for updating the IT infrastructure is the installation of a security regulation for each site that can be seen at each of the other sites. The amount of communications would transform in consistency with the rising number of staff and the server capacity would have to double. The website would add its ability to handle the extra networks for the new customers. There is an opportunity for transparency in internal and external communication. In addition, upgrading the infrastructure would offer the opportunity of providing better services to clients at a cost-effective way.

The threats for the IT infrastructure include exposure to external attack of the network system. There is also the doubt on whether the system has the capacity of sustaining the collocation of with clients just like other areas where the company operates. Continuing to use the current system will fail in the provision of quality services and client satisfaction to the new locations (Arnold).

The ways to enhance the strengths of the current IT infrastructure is through upgrading it to serve the new expansion locations. The infrastructure can be enhanced to provide models, extrapolations, optimization and other analytics instead of just information. This can empower the system’s efficiency and improve decision flexibility of the company. The other way to enhance the strength of the IT infrastructure is to increase client computing, IT management and the security of the system.

Insecurity of the system and lack of virtualization ability can lead to loss of data in case of external attack or a defect in one location. Live migration enables movement virtual network machine while the operating system and other applications proceed with other functions.

The potential solution that can address the deficiency is adoption of the virtualization strategy that allows for live migration. The other strategy can be an improvement of flash memory and ensuring the system has alternative devices. For security problem, the strategy that can redress it is security activity monitoring of the network. The network can install several security monitoring tools to check suspicious external interference.

I recommend for the virtualization because it will enable the company to operate different applications from a single hardware. This will be relevant in revitalizing the efficiency of AEnergy Company. I also foresee improvement of flash memory as an essential aspect in ensuring the safety of company data. In addition, the recommendation for the provision of security activity monitoring tools is critical to prevent suspicious external attacks to the company network system.

My personal research strategies are use of literature review with content regarding IT strategies. I also review case studies to draw lessons of similar settings of my investigation.

My current strategy to keep me abreast with the emerging technologies is Internet searching to learn on new developments in the IT sector. I read online resources that have information on IT development to learn and keep track of development within the sector.

I would recommend reshaping and expansion of the data centre to improve the capacity according to the proposed company expansion. I would also recommend improvement in adoption of security monitoring tools to block external attacks. I believe this recommendation is justified because companies need to increase their network securities to prevent external attacks operation capacity. The research indicates that companies are finding it difficult to respond to IT changes, and this exposes them to the external network attacks.

This section presents my communication for the adoption of the recommendations. I have a communication plan to introduce virtualization information technology initiative to stakeholders. The audience for this initiative is companies and business organizations that use information technology.

The strategy underlying this initiative is due to the anticipation in the expansion of companies. There is a need to introduce virtualization technology that can enable companies to operate multiple servers from a solitary hardware. This can reduce the running costs of companies and retain their servers. The technology will be precise in improving the network system of organizations. It will improve client services and quality in service delivery.

Components of a communication plan such as the product, the target audience and the rationale for communication of the product are essential because they provoke the interest of the target audience. A good communication plan embodies all the elements of the issue for the audience. The components serve as the roadmap for the audience. The external stakeholder normally requires knowledge on the issue on the communication plan. There is a need to update the policies of AEnergy Company’s security system. The system should ensure protection from potential external and internal threats. One of the priorities of any IT team is to protect their server.

The discrete external and internal networks allow the access of all the internal resources for the organization in a confident way that reduces the prospects for those external to the organization to access the proprietary data of the organization. Some of the policies that can improve the security of an organization’s networks are reviewing the physical location of the networks. The organization can have redundant access points to allow rerouting of service through an alternate path in case of any issues with the primary path. They can also include tracking of external disturbers. In addition, having activity monitoring tools to check on suspicious activity can promote the security of the company’s network (Posse, 2011).

I am a senior in the IT Department. In my master’s course, I have taken several courses in strategic IT solutions. These units I have studied will help me in implementing the project. I find IT strategies critical for the company growth and development. The capacity of IT infrastructure provides organization with the aptitude to regulate the surge in the intricacy of the company, its procedures and commercial model. The aptitude of IT contributes to the development of innovation. AEnergy company’s IT SWOT analysis reveals strengths in the ability to handle expansion. However, there are deficiencies in security monitoring systems to prevent the system from external attacks. Therefore, there is a need to improve the overall capacity of the IT infrastructure to meet the proposals for the company’s expansion. I have drawn recommendations such as virtualization and installation of security monitoring tools that can help the company to improve its efficiency. In addition, I have given a communication plan that can guide the company’s management and other stakeholders in the adoption of the strategic IT solutions.


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