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Abacus is a software used for carrying out computer-aided engineering designs and finite element analysis. Abacus is generally used in engineering studies like aerospace, automotive, industrial and, mechanical; where designs and analysis are to be done. Abacus consist of standard and explicit analysis tools, moreover it has a package of material models. The complete FEA has three stages like pre-processing (Modelling), processing (FEA), and post- processing (Visual Rendering Stage). The Abacus software is easy to handle as the latest version provides a graphical interface for menus, dialog box, and icons. It has a consistent environment with
Student Face Difficulties

Abacus is a software that students get to study as they pursue their graduate and postgraduate engineering courses in university. Difficulty levels are designed as per the course structure pursued by the student. Student is provided with the student version of Abacus, but if their basics are not clear on it, they are unable to handle it. As part of the assignment in FEA, a report should be compiled with all accurate analysis and proper output screenshot should be presented to the tutor to get a grade for the semester. Managing all this with other university activities and a personal life is hectic for a student, perhaps there is a misbalance which results to poor grades. Availing online Abacus assignment help gives a student a spare time to manage their university life and to an extent enjoy their personal life. It is important to select a trustworthy service for online assignment help but due to poor guidance student go astray which affects their grades adversely.

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