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If you plan on spending only a few hours a day and not full time for writing, I would encourage you to do it now and finish it. It will be so rewarding having finished the dissertation, and having the chance to get a job when you find your child is old enough to be in some day care/preschool situation. Don’t give up your personal goals. I wrote my dissertation during my first child’s first year, with 12 hours a week of paid childcare plus the constant support and help of a very involved partner. That was actually perfect for me. In my experience, it is much, much harder to concentrate on writing during the toddler and preschooler stage! They sleep less, they really want to play instead of just cuddle, and for my kids at least, it is unacceptable for me to be in the house but unavailable to them. So unless you want to wait until your little one heads off to kindergarten, I’d encourage you to get it done now, in small, focused, consistent blocks of time.

My advice would be to find someone you like and then just take it from there. Believe me, sooner than you know you’ll NEED a short break every once and awhile from your cuddly baby. They get big quite fast. I’d start a relationship with a nanny now, and only work as much as you feel comfortable. It will be easier now, getting your baby used to another caregiver. If you wait until you’re really ready to work, your baby may be one or older and may have a much harder time learning to trust another caregiver. I wish I would’ve started my daughter out with a nanny/babysitter at that age, at least for a few hours a week. Transitioning to a babysitter when she was closer to one year was much harder, because she knew she wanted to be with me and had some separation anxiety. I think your plan sounds perfect – although be prepared for the writing to take longer than you might originally have thought.

I found that not being able to immerse my head in work really took a toll in my efficiency and focus (fatigue probably didn’t help either). I wrote my study protocol when I was expecting my first baby – he’s five now, and my second child is 3 – and I’m hoping to finish up and defend this year. It’s been a very VERY long road, but while I used be kind of down on myself for taking so long, and it was so hard watching friend and friend finish, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I couldn’t put off having kids, I didn’t want to sacrifice any more of my time with them in those sweet early days, and I’m not on the hot academic track anyway.. Let me preface this by saying that you and only you can decide what is right for you and your baby.

I chose school and baby and I am writing in response to what you wrote of your potential jealousy of a caregiver’s time with your child. If you choose to share care, you are also choosing to share love. Should your child come to love his/her babysitter, you must put your personal jealousy/guilt/etc aside, and be grateful that whoever you choose to care for your child is doing a fabulous job. Ever since having my daughter last summer (even before while I was pregnant) I’ve had no interest in writing my dissertation. I’ve been away from it for over a year now and just the thought of starting the process again (I’ve written very little) gives me real anxiety and depression. Also, I’m beyond normative time, so my department is not very supportive. Any advice, words of wisdom and support would be welcome. Your message struck a chord because I’ve been there and have just finished the doctorate, many years past my school’s 7 year limit. I don’t know if finishing is the best decision for everyone, but it was something I felt like I needed to do because I’d lived with it for so long.

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