Advantages of Studying Security + Certification


t Security+ certification is awarded from comp TIA. This certification is declared as the foundation level security certification for the candidates who wanted to start their career in IT security path. This certification will suibest for the candidates who have at least 2 years work experience in the networking field with a security emphasis. It also helps in making up of a stepping stone to several advanced certifications such as SSCP, ISC2, and CISSP etc. Additional benefit of this security+ certification is that they could also be used in some of the Microsoft certifications. Pre-requisition examination is not needed for applying to security+ certification but it is recommended that the candidates should have at least 2 years of work experience in networking field.

Security+ certification examinations:

Candidates should take up an examination for obtaining their security+ certification. The examination code number is SY0-201 security+ 2008. Candidate has to score minimum of 750 points in order to pass in the examination. Examination consists of 100 questions approximately with 90 minutes duration. Examination details can be known in the comp TIA website directly and candidates are responsible to know about the up to date information’s regarding the examination. Successful candidates will receive security+ certification and also get placed in popular IT companies.

Job roles:

There are several job opportunities to the candidates successfully completing their certification. The following are the job roles.

1) Security specialists

2) Network administrator

3) Network technician.


The following are the benefits of security+ certification and they are:

1) Since security+ certification is a vendor neutral certification, they validates to the skills that are required on networking related specific technologies.

2) Candidates who are holding their security+ certification will be given first preference in employment opening and also in promotion level point of view.

3) Candidates with security+ certification will be having adequate knowledge in networking field and other related technologies. This will upgrade their credentials and also they will be hired from a particular company easily.

4) Security+ certified candidates can get their job easily and also they get paid with more salary as well.

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