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What attributes does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? • What does it take to succeed with a small business? From the Broad Reach Sails example, do you believe it helps to have some experience in the industry in which you are starting a small business? Pick two similar small businesses in the same industry with which you are familiar, one successful and one not so successful. Describe them in a post, and compare and contrast these businesses. • What is the difference in management style between the two businesses? • What is the difference in marketing strategy? • What changes would you suggest to the less successful business? After viewing the Oberweis video, how would you answer the following questions? • How does Oberweis segment its overall market? Who are some of the market segments that serve as target markets for Oberweis? • What marketing strategies provide Oberweis with success toward satisfying its target markets?

• The growing trend among retailers is e-commerce, or etailing. While there are many benefits to online shopping, some target markets just do not transition from physical stores to online shopping very well. Discuss the pros and cons of the two forms of retailing and the possible target markets for each. • With online transactions growing, so too are the precautions necessary to maintain Internet security. Discuss the personal measures students can take to maintain Internet security. Discuss the measures that businesses must take to maintain the integrity of their online transactions. 1. Question : How do these websites help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? List the website(s) that you previewed and give examples to support your answers. Who are the stakeholders that the company serves in your examples? Question 2. Question : How can a company’s website reflect its market segments and target market? What are the characteristics of the target market from the website you reviewed? Question 3. Question : Are comments from customers received by the website?

How is this accomplished? If so, how does this affect the company’s attempt to build positive relationships with its customers? If not, how are relationships affected? Question 4. Question : List your references according to APA guidelines in the space below. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your viewpoint, and this source can be the textbook. Note: The video will open in a new window. Click on the Play button to view it. The video includes audio, so make sure you are using a computer with sound capabilities. After viewing the Ball video, how would you answer the following questions? • How does Ball use operations management to stay competitive in the metal beverage containers industry? What keeps Ball from offshore outsourcing its production process? • What is the relationship between meeting customer requirements and quality management for a company like Ball? Note: The video will open in a new window.

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