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And thanks for voting up, awesome and sharing. I’ts too bad that classes on this subject are not mandatory in school. Change would take place much earlier in our lives for the better. We need to be taught how to speak to others using words of kindess and support. Truer words were never spoken than these. Having intimately seen the effects of the abuse of my sisters and me, and then in my adopted children, it is easy to know that some of these wounds may never heal. This is an awesome hub and so much wisdom can be found in your words. I am definitely sharing this one! It doesn’t surpise me that youlive by these same “word principls”. I believe we are alike in many ways. And now – I’m off to bed! Sidkemp – Thank you so much. I will put that on my “to write” list. Wonderful to see you here! Awwwwwe, gee, thank you my precious friend.

Take good care now. Hyphenbird – I can’t imagine that you feel the need to work on your tone of voice. Every word that you have written and commented has been inspiring. And I’ve known you for a while now. You share such appreciation for all my hubs and I am very grateful for that. You do the same for each hubber that you comment one. Your own words have enlightened me many times. Thank you my friend. God’s blessings to you! So beautiful and powerful and meaningful. You must find a way to send your Poem out to the WORLD! You are so right that words are so powerful I think most of us can relate to their destructive and hurtful power. I am so glad that your hub did not simply focus on the destructive power instead you showed us the other side of this two edged sword. Even better you gave us a plan which outlined a way to build and increase our personal library of positive, healing and affirmative words. Not only did you show us how to build this beneficial library but you then outlined how to use and put it into practice.

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