1. Find the indicated probability. A die with 8 sides is rolled. What is the probability of rolling a number less than 7? 2. Answer the question, considering an event to be “unusual” if its probability is less than or equal to 0.05. Assume that a study of 300 randomly selected school bus routes showed that 272 arrived on time. Is it “unusual” for a school bus to arrive late? 3. Answer the question. What is the probability of an impossible event? 4. Provide an appropriate response. 7. What is your expected value? 5. Estimate the probability of the event. Of 1735 people who came into the blood bank to give blood, 373 people had high blood pressure. Estimate the probability that the next person who comes in to give blood will have high blood pressure. 6. On a multiple choice test with 7 questions, each question has four possible answers, one of which is correct. For students who guess at all answers, find the standard deviation for the number of correct answers.

7. Find the indicated complement. The probability that Luis will pass his statistics test is 0.59. Find the probability that he will fail his statistics test. 8. Suppose you are playing a game of chance. 4 bet) if you win. Find the odds used for determining the payoff. 9. Find the indicated probability. Round to 3 decimal places. A car insurance company has determined that 9% of all drives were involved in a car accident last year. Among the 12 drives living on one particular street, 3 were involved in a car accident last year. If the 12 drives are randomly selected, what is the probability of getting 3 or more who were involved in a car accident last year? 10. Find the indicated mean. The mean number of homicides per year in one city is 37.2. Suppose a Poisson distribution will be used to find the probability that on a given day there will be fewer than 4 homicides.

Find the mean of the appropriate Poisson distribution (the mean number of homicides per day). Round your answer to four decimal places. 12. Answer the question. Assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribution with a trial repeated n times. Use the binomial probability formula to find the probability of x successes given the probability of success on a single trial. 13. Find the indicated probability. 14. If a person is randomly selected, find the probability that his or her birthday is in May. 15. Solve the problem. According to a college survey, 22% of all students work full time. Analyze and solve statistical problems by applying scientific reasoning. Analyze statistical problems and develop solutions by thinking outside the box. Apply statistical methods to solve real-world problems. Communicate and present logical arguments involving statistical terms and analysis. Find something in real life that is normally distributed. Try finding a graph of it.

Some of the points that you might not want to do when conflict occurs are timing, personalizing, brown bagging, and not listening. The first point is timing. People should pick the right time to have an argument. It wouldn’t be good to have an argument late at night, during another’s favorite television show, after several drinks or before someone has to leave for work. If you think about this, it seems good because all of these ideas would just make people argue even more and nothing would get resolved. If there is a problem, and then people should set some time away where there would be no distractions and resolve the conflict. Personalizing is a main key people do in conflicts because it shifts the issue to the other’s personality. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, people try to think of ways to get out of talking about the situation or even as far as hurting the other person by talking about the others’ life. The term brown bagging is a major key in conflict because people try to list as many things wrong as they can think of in as much detail they can.

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