SLO1:Overcome knowledge barriers in the realm of statistics by researching, evaluating, and effectively using information to accomplish. SLO2:Apply the appropriate technological tools in order to compute various statistical measures. SLO3:Apply ethics and logic to meaningful statistical methods. SLO4:Analyze and solve statistical problems by applying scientific reasoning. SLO5:Analyze statistical problems and develop solutions by thinking outside the box. SLO6:Apply statistical methods to solve real-world problems. SLO7:Communicate and present logical arguments involving statistical terms and analysis. SLO8:Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills by analyzing statistical data and drawing the proper conclusions. SLO9:Promote student’s own interest in statistics by partaking in self studies. Please open the FINAL EXAM. Once you open the file, you can save it to your computer and use it to complete your final exam. 1. Click the Browse button below. Note: For Chrome, please click the Choose File button. 2. Select the appropriate file to attach to your assignment. 3. Click Upload to upload your file to the system. 4. When you receive confirmation that your file has been attached, you can click Finish.

Can you believe I re-read the beginning of my text at least three times? I’m not sure if it’s a superstitious thing or just habit. If there is one thing I remembered from English class and essay writing it was always to “hook” your audience! On the downside, however, I sometimes spend way too much time analyzing the beginning of my essay and taking time away from the rest. Mike Rose: Did pointing out the “blockers” help you to change your approach to essay writing? Me: I believe so, at least now I can rest assured that good writing does not necessarily mean I am an “A” student in grammar and grammatical rules of usage. I’ve always been weak in that area and count on feedback to help me. Considering myself average when it comes to grammar and sentence structure has very much held me back from being a more “free” writer.

I want to improve my writing, but at the same time, I want to feel like I don’t have to follow every rule of grammar to get my point across. In the closing statements that you entitled A Note On Treatment, you define ways that teachers and tutors can help students experiencing writer’s block. Don’t you believe all instructors should read this or some kind of data relating to this subject? It’s obvious from the amount of people that have trouble writing that this is a huge issue! How many people can attribute their negative feelings about reading and writing to experiences they had while in school? Me: I found your research to be quite interesting Ms. Perl. I would definitely consider myself to be an unskilled college writer therefore I could relate to this paper and the students analyzed. What made you want to study this though? Were you an unskilled college writer, or have you always been skilled in writing? Perl: I’m glad you found interest in my research. I wanted to do this study because I think teachers should realize that all students are not skilled writers and they should not be punished or belittled for it.

I found that many students would read their papers differently than what was actually there. The mind would fix things to make sentences sound correct when read aloud, but the sentence had some type of error. Ergo, many errors went unnoticed. Me: I found that interesting how the brain changed what was on the paper to make it sound better. I have noticed that happening for myself when I write papers though. A lot of the students studied reread and revamped their work while writing it; I only do that to a certain extent. I mostly correct myself once I’m done with a whole paragraph or the whole paper. Reading my work aloud does really help me to correct my errors though. Perl: There is nothing wrong with reflexive mode, I’m glad you can identify with yourself. Tony did correct himself a lot but he still had many errors that he omitted. “Tony is a writer with a highly consistent and deeply embedded recursive process”. Not everyone can interpret his process which is why he would be classified as a unskilled writer, even though he really is not.

Me: I found Tony to be very interesting because I think he is an example of so many students today. There is not one way to write, so how can we expect to grade, analyze, chastise, and judge peoples writing. I think teachers need to learn how to be more flexible with grading writing instead of discouraging unique ways of writing. I’m not sure if that was one thing you wanted your readers to get from this essay but it gave me information and I was able to understand and connect to it for the most part. Perl: That is good and yes, that was one of my ideas but there were definitely more. Hope you enjoyed the read/research. Me: Hey Mr. Rose, Thank you so much for talking with me. I just finished reading your article “Rigid Rules, Inflexible Plans, and the Stifling of Language: A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block.” I found your article very relatable. I would count myself as a blocker.

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