Why Aluminum is a More Sustainable Component of Building and Construction


Readily Available Component: Approximately, half of aluminum used in the construction industry today originate from recycling. This trend of using aluminum recycled products in the construction and building industry is on the rise given the ready availability of the raw material. In addition, the energy required to recycle aluminum is only 5% of the total energy required to produce it. Therefore, recycling has become a reliable option as is ensures low production costs, which in turn results in low market prices. Consequently, the construction industry is turning to it as the cheapest option in bringing up sky-scrappers.

Aluminum Helps Improve Buildings’ Energy Performance

Natural Lighting: aluminum is a strong, durable, and flexible component. This is the reason it is used to design different surfaces, such as verandas, curtain walls, and skylights, in a building. A combination of aluminum profiles and glass can, therefore, provide a perfect dimension and structure that will guarantee a high level of natural lighting within a building. For instance, for a similar window dimension, slender aluminum profiles can be designed to increase transparent areas by up to 20%. This slender design profile is only possible because aluminum is flexible and strong enough to withstand the weight of large and heavy glasses. For rooms or halls without windows, glass roof tops designed with slender aluminum profiles allow natural light through the roof to the darkest locations. Allowing natural light inside a building greatly reduces the need for artificial light, which in turn contributes to a building’s sustainability.

Building security: aluminum can be used to produce bullet proof glass. You have probably heard about transparent aluminum armor. This is a transparent bullet-proof glass produced by using a layer of aluminum oxynitride, a layer of glass in the middle, a layer of polymer backing on the back. Sustainable buildings need to demonstrate a high level of security, especially buildings that host critical businesses such as banking halls. Transparent aluminum armor is the best option in this aspect given that it is half the thickness and weight of normal bullet-proof glass, durable, and can basically be produced in any shape.

Conclusively, aluminum plays an important role in the design and development of sustainable buildings. Because of its performance properties, aluminum significantly contributes to the cost, energy efficiency, and the comfort and safety of buildings. These are the reasons for the widespread appreciation of this component in the building sector.


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