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For any organization to attain success, great leadership and proper human resource are highly necessary. It is through them that these organizations manage to plan certain goals and targets, and at the same time manage to be fully organized to attain and achieve those goals. There are many organizations that activity seeks methods and strategies through which they can achieve success, and thus, for this reason, many scholarly sources that guide this issue exists. This paper provides an annotated bibliography for a research paper concerning a healthcare organization, with the mission statement of “Administer the highest quality guest care and treat every child as they are our own”.

The first source is the article, “Why Team Building Is The Most Important Investment You’ll Make” authored by Scudamore in the year 2016. This article explains about team building and how important it is to any organization. For this reason, therefore, this source provides information that is vital to any organization, including the healthcare organization in question. All healthcare organizations require the employees and management to act as a team to manage to attain the set goals and targets (Scudamore, 2016).

The other source is the article “The importance of human resources management in health care: a global context” this article provides general information concerning how important the human resource department is to any organization. It explains the roles that every human resource practitioner in the healthcare department ought to play, and why these roles are highly vital. The source is thus highly relevant to the creation of a successful healthcare organization (Kabene, Orchard, Howard, Soriano, & Leduc, 2006).

The other source is the article “Employee Recruitment Planning”, authored by Kleiman in 2016. This article explains about the issue of staffing, and the process through which employees are obtained by the organization. Any healthcare organization’s success greatly relies on the employees and thus information contained in this article is of great importance to any healthcare organization that aims to be successful (Kleiman, 2016).

The fourth source is the article “Examples of Organizational Performance Management”, authored by Root. This article provides means through which the performance of an organization can be assessed and improved. Knowledge obtained from this source, therefore, can be implemented and utilized in ensuring that the organization remains highly competitive, and thus the source is greatly important (Root, 2016).

Authored by Azulay in 2012, the fifth source is “Employee development on a shoestring” this source explains about how employees within the organization can be improved through training and development. Although an organization might ensure that it hires only the highly skilled and qualified employees, operations within it might skill require additional skills, which can only be obtained through training. This source explains deeply concerning this issue (Azulay, 2012).

The other source is titled “Improving Patient and Worker Safety; Opportunities for Synergy, Collaboration, and Innovation.” This source provides the means through which a healthcare organization can and should provide security and safety to both the patients and employees. The organization requires these two main stake holders and without security and safety, both patients and employees would not be willing to associate with the organization.

The other source is “Human resources in healthcare, health informatics and healthcare systems” which explains about how healthcare organizations should handle human resource activities. It provides a description of the importance of proper human resource activities handling in the healthcare organization, with certain precautions like patient confidentiality being fully explained. The source is thus highly relevant (Kabene, 2011).

The eighth source is “Employee training and development”, and just like the other training source, it explains further about the importance of initiating training to employees in a healthcare organization. This source provides a more specific explanation of training which focuses on skills that every healthcare practitioner should have. It is thus a highly important source for the success of an organization (Noe, 2010).

The other source, “Human resources management for health care organizations a strategic approach”, explains about approaches through which the human resource approaches should be established in any organization. This source provides means through which an organizational management should handle employees and attend to their issues. Since these issues concerning employees affect almost all organizations, the source is highly relevant (Pynes, & Lombardi, 2012).

The last source is titled “Human resource management: issues, challenges, and opportunities.” This source explains about the opportunities that exist for the human resource within an organization, and the challenges. It lists the most common challenges that human resource practitioner’s face and how to overcome them, and thus through it, an organization can manage to initiate a highly effective human resource department (Simons, 2011).






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