Answers Questions in a memo or letter format

In the Markel text, respond to #4 and #5 on pages 240-241.  Are the letters and email effective?  Do the writers reflect a professional tone?  If not, how can it be improved?  Please be specific and cite the book.  Show me you at least looked at the book. (10 points)

2.  Read the following link:

It’s a letter from Delta’s CEO to Delta employees after an unruly passenger put them in the news in a negative light.  Discuss if it is effective communication.  Why or why not? Would you give him any suggestions for improvement or not?  (15 points)


You can write this in memo or letter format.  Please make sure that your answers are clearly marked.  You are learning to be technical writers, and part of being a technical writer is making things easier for your readers (audience).


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