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Anthropology is the science of study of human evolution, from past to present, trying to understand and compare different societies.
To understand the various human aspects is indeed a very vast approach. The focus of an anthropologist begins from the past to understand the process of human evolution, the start of civilization and the birth of social formations; and continues to the present. Thus the study of anthropology is also focused on the present conditions of human society.

There are four major aspects or sub-fields of anthropology:
• Archaeology: It is the study of human culture by analyzing the objects excavated from the lands of dead old civilizations.
• Biological Anthropology: It is the study to understand human stimuli and their power of adaptation.
• Cultural Anthropology: It is the study of different cultures and understanding the diversity around the world.
• Linguistic Anthropology: As the name suggests, it is the study of different languages, their evolutions and effects on each other.
Anthropologists have a very lucrative and challenging career. They are employed in corporations, government services, educational institutions and non-government agencies.
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