Application: Systems Theory



This essay is about how theories can apply in the health organization environment. The essay reviews the applicability of the systems theory within the American Association of Hospitals. It illustrates that theories are beneficial networks in evaluating challenges facing healthcare institutions. The essay articulates that theories help to unravel background facts regarding the system and its components. The essay uses the American Association of Hospitals to illustrate the application of the systems theory. It points to the operations of the governance unit within the organization and how it relates to the systems theory. The essay points out the different components of the organization and how they correspond to the systems theory. It also explains the problems staff encounters within the department. In addition, this essay formulates a solution that could resolve the problem within the unit. It illustrates how the governance department can meet its goals and objectives. The essay offers that an improvement of the organization’s culture and climate can uphold the mission and values. The paper concludes that there should be a theory that connects nurses, employees, job backgrounds and results in different environments. It points that this is could be essential in informing management decisions and assessing the viability of nursing organizations.


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