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I’d come home from the library with stacks of books and would read them voraciously. With few commitments in my life other than graduate school, I just read all the time. Fortunately, in my first semester of graduate school, my theory professor Charles Kurzman suggested to all of us that we take notes on every single thing we read and that we label the computer files with a .nts extension. I still have those notes from that semester and the semesters since. When you have few externally imposed limits on your time, to read a lot, all you need is passion and perseverance. My twin daughters were born in my fourth semester of graduate school. If I read anything that semester, it was on how to survive being a mother of twin infants. However, when my twins were five months old, I went back to graduate school and had to figure things out again. My third year of graduate school was the year I took my comprehensive exams – which meant I had to get through two lists of 100 readings each.

To do this, I worked with a group of two other students also studying for these exams, and we made goals for ourselves of the readings we planned to get through and met weekly to talk about those readings. To get through the readings, I left my twins at home with my husband from 9am to around 3pm each day and went to the university to read and take notes. I also would read if and when the twins took naps in the afternoon and evening. When I got my first job, my twins were four years old and my youngest daughter was one year old. We did different things with childcare over the first few years of my job. With small children, it was important for me to be home with them after 5pm. It was also important for me to focus on my work for eight hours each day. Thus, I carved out time during the day to read.

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