Article  writing  is a very  personal  undertaking. Why? Because it is the sum total of who you are; your unique experiences, personality and the lifetime interactions you have had with the people who are in or have passed through your life.

To often in today’s get-rich-quick, drive traffic to your website or blog at all costs Internet Marketing world, the true skill and uniqueness of what makes for  good  article  writing  is forgotten. Unskilled, untrained and uneducated “article writers” continue to pump out worked over, keyword bloated, antiquated PLR material at a frantic pace. Even if they make a half-hearted attempt to  write  something on their own, their feeble attempts are hastily  written , ill thought out, spelling and grammar neglected documents that could easily have been  written  by a second grader. You would not believe the poorly “ written ” junk our editing staff sees, and turns down, day in and day out.

The manufacturers of these supposed articles would be undoubtedly shocked and surprised by the fact that no one wants to read this stuff! If no one is reading it then even their partial efforts to put out junk like this are completely in vain. You can always tell these types of articles. If they even happen to get through an editor review on bare minimum requirements, they are the ones that have only been read 0-2 times in the “Number Times Read” count for an article, as opposed to the hundreds and even thousands of times a great article is read. In most cases they never even get past the editor.

People seeking content to read for  personal  enlightenment and entertainment or for use in their own websites or blogs want to find high quality,  well   written  articles that not only reflects the unique perspective of the person who wrote it BUT is articulated in an entertaining and intelligent manner. You don’t get those types of articles by using article mills that use the disdainful practice of “spinning” an original decent article into an unreadable piece of cyber-junk. The worse part is many so called article marketers actually pay someone to pump out this material that no one is going to want to read anyway.

So how do you really become a high quality article writer rather than an illiterate article molester? Here are some important guidelines to follow:

1. Write Like You Would Love to Read

Do you enjoy reading something that is poorly written, full of spelling and grammar mistakes, makes no sense in its flow of words or exudes a lack of intelligence on the part of the author?

2. Tell a Story

People love to read well written stories. All of us have experiences and encounters every day that we can easily sit with a friend or loved one and tell about with passion and intelligence in a story telling manner. Why not turn that into an interesting article? You wouldn’t tell a verbal story leaving out important parts or not injecting your own unique personality into it or speaking in nothing but slang expressions. You have pride in sharing your stories with others. Write like you tell your stories.

3. Show Your Passion

The most successful businesses are built on the passions of those who started them and generally because the owner also has some level of expertise in that passion. Turn your passion and expertise into quality articles. You would not take out of focus, poorly composed or grainy pictures if you were a professional photographer would you? Of course not! You would carefully chose your subject, make sure it was in sharp focus and use only the best quality camera equipment to take a photograph you would be not only be proud of, but could sell for a nice price and motivate others who viewed it to seek out more of your work.

4. Invest in the Time to Learn and Seek Out Experts to Teach You

Article writing is a proven, effective method to drive traffic to your business as long as people are reading the articles to the point of seeing and acting on the information in your resource box that motivates them to seek out more jewel’s of knowledge from you and pay a visit to your website, blog or business. However, in order for them to read THAT far, they must be entertained and stimulated with intelligent, well written material. If you are not trained in how to write articles properly then you will fail at article writing. It is like anything that has the element of skill and craft to it; you have to be taught how to do it by someone who is an expert in article writing and marketing.

Where do I Learn?

As article publishing experts we have every motivation to ensure that you are well-informed and properly trained in all aspects of article writing and marketing. After all, our business is built on quality authors writing and submitting quality articles that our readers and content seekers search for in our directory. Authors want to submit their quality articles to us because of the massive exposure they receive from the syndication of their material that our directory provides. Content seekers come to us for that quality material to use in their businesses which creates desire for their customers to visit their blogs or websites.


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