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Consider the topics of diversity and multiculturalism. Create inclusive learning environments that demonstrate respect and value of diverse backgrounds. Incorporate multicultural perspectives into curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Complete the first two columns below. In the first column, describe what you already know about these topics. In the middle column, list things that you want to know about these topics. In your last assessment, you will revisit this chart to fill in the final column – what you learned. Summarize your strengths. What evidence do you have that these areas are strengths for you? Summarize your opportunities for improvement. What evidence do you have that these areas provide opportunities for improvement? How do these strengths and weaker areas impact your own teaching practice? How will strengthening your weaker areas enhance your development as a practitioner-scholar? For this discussion, you are required to provide evidence to support your statements about your strengths and your opportunities for improvement. There is a variety of types of evidence you might provide depending on your unique situation. Your post needs to be at least 250 words. You do not need to attach the self-assessment itself to the discussion.

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