HomeworkMarket is a service, custom-made just for that: homework. As you first enter the website, you can see a bunch of teachers that are online and waiting for you to ask your question. We tried this interesting homework platform and came up with some pros and cons, as usual. But first of all, let’s get a little clearer on what we took into consideration when reviewing the site and how we acted. First and foremost, we checked the information about the company and then, of course, we went on to read the customer reviews. They’re a very important part in telling what a essay writing service is really about. Then we went on and search Homework Market on BBB and found no complaints. There is a big red signal here that made us believe this service could be some sort of fraud. We checked their physical address and it is that of a student post office box in Florida.

So, is this really a student’s own property, his big business or is it a bigger offshore company that uses a student’s box for an American business address? Strange. Anyways, we didn’t stop there and made our usual order on the site. We wanted our paper to be revised by an academic writer/teacher. Now, all of these being made clear, we will further present what we found out in detail. This is a platform designed specifically for doing your homework. It cannot write professional articles. Students have to register on the website and post their assignment. It could be an article, essay or a math problem. The service works through a bidding process. After the student has posted his homework, he will receive messages from different writers asking to do the task and also indicating how much that will cost. The student chooses and that’s it. In our test, we submitted two 1200 word essays.

The academic level was Freshman College and the topics were nothing complicated. Once we posted the assignments, we got bombarded with a lot of pop up messages from writers who were trying to offer their services. The design and the functionality of the site proved to be a very poor one considering this approach. One assignment had average quality, the other was poorer. Overall, the writing quality leaves a lot to be desired. There was no real insight and content, only form and formatting. By the way they were written, they looked like they were completed by non-native English speakers. The price you can choose based on your budget and needs. The custom writers are making their offers and you choose the one who you think is best suitable for you. You don’t get any discount. The only questionable form of discount you get is choosing the writer with the lowest charges.

It is simply a platform where the writers meet the students and they have to understand each other and work together freely, without being watched over by someone. No real evidence of a good customer support here, so if you have a misunderstanding with your writer, it’s up to you to do something about it. We don’t think it is a very good solution for completing your school assignments. There are better and more reliable platforms out there which do that for the same amount of money. HomeworkMarket doesn’t even seem to have a system of choosing their writers so that they can pride on having a team of professionals. There is no such thing here. They don’t have the means to control the quality of the assignments, so it’s up to you to choose the best writer and get the best content. Students need to be sure that their assignments are good quality and delivered on time and that they get what they pay for. This platform, we’re reviewing seems more like a jungle in which you don’t really know what will happen if you decide to enter. Their very chaotic website, the spamming, the pop ups messages, the red flags and everything seem shady. We cannot recommend it. There are a lot of other writing services that are really reliable and safe and where students know they can get the quality they have paid for.

The same concept applies for elementary aged students. Although you cannot section students off in a classroom, you can keep them away from friends that they will be distracted by. You can also ask them to turn off all electronics. At home or when working with a tutor, the best environment is a quiet area where the distractions are minimal. The student should have a space to work quietly so that he or she can maximize their performance and pay attention to their assignments. When they do not have this, this causes them to make more mistakes with their work because they are often unfocused. As a result, their learning suffers. Since young children have short attention spans, I often like to change things up when I work with them. This usually stimulates their mind and helps them to become more interested about the upcoming activity. Although there are several benefits from a routine, the redundancy of it can get old to a child with a short attention span.

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