Your new assignment is up on Mike’s blog. Check it out and get rocking! The Canadian Pacific Railway website traces the history of the Railway, this may help if you are writing from the point of view of a person overseeing its construction. The Wikipedia entry on the History of Chinese immigration to Canada explains what life was like for Chinese immigrants in the section “Immigration for the Railway”. This is the text of a speech made to the US House of Representatives in 1999 commemorating the lives of Chinese Railroad workers and their contributions to the building of the transcontinental railroad. There are also photos included. This is an excellent article that includes information about how much the Chinese workers were paid for their backbreaking labour. It also describes what happened to the workers after they died. Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian singer wrote the song, “The Canadian Railroad Triolgy”. Read over the lyrics or listen to the song to help you out with some ideas.

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EA CDR helps an individual to have a reality check of his professional worth in the international market. CDR helps individual to groom professionally and personally. After successful completion of the career episode, the next is to write a summary statement. Details of the summary statement is described below; along with how EA CDR helps an individual. To make things easy for your understanding, a summary statement is the continuation of the career episodes written. It can also be termed as the tabular representation of the competencies claimed by you. Once writing of the career episodes is completed, one must make sure that he/she has addressed all the related competencies that are required for the applied occupational category. The summary statement citation the competency components with the specific section in your Career Episode where every component happens. To do this, you should number the passages in your career episodes. As mentioned above, there are three main occupational categories, so it should be bear in mind to download the appropriate summary statement format which is available online. EA CDR Help is an online forum available, where all the FAQs are addressed.

Engineers Australia CDR help individuals to prove its competencies in the global market. The last but certainly not the least is CPD. It is also known as Continuing Professional Development. It suggests the path toward taking after and recording the capacities, learning, and experience that you increment both formally and calmly as you work. It’s a record of what you experience, acknowledge during a recorded period of time. It should also be noted that only one CPD is to be produced against each CPD file. CDP is written with the assistance of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Normally CPD is one page long or you can say 400-500 words on average. Engineers Australia CDR is complete with the help of the three sections i.e. Career Episode, Summary Statement, and CPD, that has been discussed above. But one should keep in mind that even minor silly mistakes can lead to the reject of CDR. As it is discussed above about how CDR helps an individual groom professionally and how assessment done by Engineers Australia CDR helps the individual to find a skilled job in Australia.

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