There are nearly 300 various forms of the tea tree. However, there is only a single variety that is known to possess medicinal and remedial oil. Australian paperback tree produces the oil that is largely popular as a folk remedy. In the ancient times, Australian aborigines made the use of the oil extracted from the Australian paperback tree popular. The use of cosmetics containing Australian tea tree oil is popular mainly because of the therapeutic properties associated with it. People suffering from any form of skin infection are mostly recommended to use products containing the extracted oil because it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. In fact, the oil extracted from Australian tea tree became popular when its healing properties were discovered and reported by Australian servicemen during the 1920s. Considerable research has been done by the University of Western Australia, which has revealed the effective antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory aspects.

The antiseptic nature of the Australian tea tree oil was reported by the Royal Society of New South Wales in 1922. Since then its use is common among men and women around the world for treating various ailments. The clinical use of this oil has been documented in monographs published by the World Health Organization, British Pharmacopoeia and The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (Martindale) and ESCOP (2009).

Benefits and Uses of Australian Tea Tree

  • The oil is highly effective against different forms of skin infections. Whether it is a skin spot, burn, insect bite or a scrape or burns, any product containing this oil is considered to be the first aid remedy for most ailments.
  • People suffering from acne problem are recommended by skin specialists to use it for its effectiveness in fighting the bacteria and protecting the skin from being damaged by fungi.
  • Being proved to have natural antibacterial and medicinal properties, it is used in products developed and marketed for fighting nail fungus, blackheads, ringworm and athlete’s foot. It is highly useful against several other forms of infestations such as lice, scabies, mosquitoes and mites.
  • The anti inflammatory and soothing properties of this make it a popular ingredient in most health and cosmetic products. It has the capability to penetrate deep into the skin layers and treat the wounds.
  • The analgesic, disinfectant and cicatrizant qualities make it a wonderful component for medicinal products. Mouth ulcers and abscesses, impetigo, carbuncles, thrush, psoriasis, conjunctivitis, vaginitis, septic wounds, dandruff, boils, cuts and abrasions and pus-filled infections are treated effectively with the use of tea tree oil.
  • When used in combination with lemon oil can help in regulating the sebaceous glands. It is excellent for tired and damaged skin treatment
  • People who suffer from decreased natural preventative response are suggested to use cosmetics with this component because of the diaphoretic effects help in promoting sweating and in enhancing body’s own natural response.
  • The balsamic and expectorant characteristics of this is knows to sooth the respiratory system of the patients suffering from cold as well as chest and throat infections.
  • It also protects the skin against dry and damaging effects caused by sun and pollution.

These are just a few of the many benefits of products made from Australian Tea Tree.