A study conducted by Forrester Research revealed that more than 90% of the Marketing Experts think that in the next three years marketing effectiveness will increase through the implementation of Interactive Media Strategies such as Online Engaging Tactics in Social Networks.

The Entrepreneur Magazine said that the time invested in social networking is well spent in this age where maintaining a social media presence can be a necessary piece of a successful marketing strategy (July, 2009).

For those who have been thinking that the Australian Market is not ready for the implementation of Social Media Strategies it is time for them to think about it again when you read the information that I present below:

Universal McCann (an advertising agency and digital agency that’s been involved with some of Australia’s most famous advertising campaigns) says that 72.9% of Australian Adults are active Internet users.

Forrester Research (an independent technology and market research company) says that most online Australian adults regularly use social media in some way and that almost half of Australian online adults are members of social networks.

ComScore (a marketing research company that provides marketing data and services to many of the Internet’s largest businesses) says that 3 out of 4 Australians visited a Social Networking Site in June 2009.

Facebook reports than more than 7 million Australians are their members.

Do you still believe Australians are not into Social Networks yet?

I leave you this last quote included at the Social Media Study conducted by Universal McCann:

The social oriented internet is a massive opportunity for brands, advertisers and marketers if embraced properly”

It is time to embrace it and to embrace it properly!

How to embrace it properly is the question now?

My thoughts are that organizations in Australia should develop a Social Media Strategy integrating it with their overall marketing efforts. The numbers revealed before indicate that this won’t be an optional thing. Aussie companies would have to have a strong Social Networking presence if they want to be where their target markets are.

I believe next year we will observe that many of those big players that have been reluctant to tweat and to be part of this tremendous Facebook wave will be out there alive with their Facebook and Twitter Strategies in place.


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