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In prior times, engineers and architects had no constructive way to set constructional designs, which lead to delays in every project. They had to put tremendous efforts in producing designs and even updating that one. From slight amendments to a complete change, all were them a headache in the drafting field. But now, all these problems are eradicated by Computer Aided Design Drafting (CAD Drafting) technology. AutoCAD is one of the modern design software application that has reduced the efforts of engineers and architects in building designs and drafts. It deploys the engineering ideas with accurate calculations. Hence it has become the niche of today’s many engineers.

AutoCAD – An Overview
AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software application which is used to create 2D-3D design and drafting. From the creation of blueprints for buildings to computer chips, it is profoundly being used to create designs at another level. Professionals who use this software are commonly referred as Drafters.

Uses of AutoCAD
This drafting software is used for various purposes.
• As an Engineering Drafting Tool-This tool holds a great persistence in varied engineering fields such as Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical. All drawings of engineering components are now made by AutoCAD, to eliminate human error that used to come across in manual drawings. Hence, this is a highly recommendable tool for civil, mechanical and electrical engineers.
• As an Architectural Planning Tool- AutoCAD is significantly used by Architects to prepare building layouts and interior designs. With this tool, an architecture creates designing of architectural plans for real time purpose. It gives a blueprint of the building structures, giving an illusion of real entity. It actually gives strength before replicating on physical site.
• As a Graphic Design Tool – Though there are countless advanced graphic designing tools in the computer aided design community, but AutoCAD enables its users to plan out architectural spaces and map out in the desired way. It supports DXF and DWG files which can be exported easily to other CAD applications. This technique gives an advantage to graphic designers to work on advanced modeling applications.
• In 3D Printing and in Fashion Industry-As already discussed, AutoCAD is used for 3D designing, hence professionals can create a 3D printed object and models in its workplace for the use in the 3D printing process. In AutoCAD users face no issue of compatibility of designing formats.
This software also takes place in the Fashion industry. All jewelry design patterns are prepared by this tool that comes with required options needed to draft and design virtually as per your choice. It helps in creating intricate shapes that might include octagons, tetrahedrons and other shapes that you want to give your gem.

How AutoCAD works?
• It works on the basis of the coordinate system.
• Each drawing has a coordinate system.
• So many types of drawing can start or in process at the same time with the help of command which is a layer.
• It uses several types of command such as copy, moves, rotates, mirror, in 2D, and many types of arrays like a rectangular array, polar array, path array etc.
Features and Advantages
• Has extended storage, thus supports larger files
• Includes various advanced drawings, editing, annotation, and marketing tools
• Helps to create a new layer, isolate layer, lock layer, rename layer, delete layer and with other many more options, thus gives a proper layer management.
• Consists a block palette that includes existing blocks that are accessible in the drawing that enables users to insert multiple blocks.
• View and edit Object Properties
• It establishes a standard for drawings and drafting
• Helps to draw intricate dimensions accurately and efficiently
• Presents the layout of the drawing conveniently
• Reduces the efforts of engineers
• It is flexible to organize drawing information
• Gives the close vision of real model with its blueprint

Career options for students in AutoCAD
Students can take the specialization of AutoCAD in the most five common areas, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, and Architectural. Find out your best options which suit you accordingly.
• Architectural Drafters-They are known as to draw up plans for the residential and commercial building.
• Mechanical Drafters – They are supposed to prepare plans for mechanical devices and machinery.
• Civil Drafters – Job responsibility of civil drafter is to prepare blueprints or maps of bridges, sewer systems, roadways and other major projects.
• Electrical Drafter – These professionals prepare diagrams of electrical circuits and wiring electrical layouts.
• Electronics Drafters – With a bit different, such professionals make out the designs for electronic gadgets and its installation. brings the most effective AutoCAD assignment help for CAD students
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