For the breakfast menu, the plate should consist of two to three pieces of whole grain bread, a cup of juice, a mango blend or passion juice blend. There should also be some proteins which can be found in the eggs or slices of bacon and also sausages. The fruits provide essential vitamins that prevent chronic diseases such as certain cancers and coronary heart diseases. It also prevents sugar related diseases such as diabetes. The portion of vegetables and fruits should be around 8 grams which is 33% of the plate. Whole grain food consists of fibers that are necessary in the body. The whole grain products should consist 33% of a plate. The grass of milk contains essential proteins and vitamins. (NewHealthGuide).

The dairy products consist of 15% of a well eat plate. The bacons and sausages contain fiber, vitamins, protein, fibers and minerals that are essential for health of the body. They should consist 12% of the plate.  Snacks include low fat yoghurt, unsalted nuts among others that are rich in protein and low on fat. They should be in 7% quantity of a well eat plate. The breakfast should be the most important meal of a person as it is dictates the functionality of the body along the day. (NewHealthGuide).

The lunch menu should be light, with a bit of protein as the proteins are essential in repair of body tissue such as the skin, the internal organs and muscles. Proteins are the major components of the immune system and hormones. It may contain a scoop of sardines with some lettuce or spinach. Also a piece of whole grain bread which should be a third of the plate as they take long to digest and make you feel full longer (Grunnars).

Also a serving of vegetable will be good to boost the immune during the day. Also an afternoon snack of an apple and yoghurt of 175 grams will be good to cater for the sugar urge and body moisture. A bottle of water is always recommended to keep the body hydrated at all times. Water is good for transportation of oxygen, blood and other nutrients. It also regulates temperature along the day (GirlsHealth).

For dinner, a scoop of carrots, a scoop of broccoli and a scoop of brown rice for the plate will be a healthy meal for the night. There should be incorporation of protein like grilled fish or grilled chicken that has the skin peeled off to remove the fat. These will keep the body in the right amounts of nutrients. Also if there is any need to snack in the night, a banana or a whole grain low cheese cake should serve the purpose. The menu described above will provide 2000 to 2400 calories in a day which is the required amount of calorie gain a day for both man and woman. In summary a plate should contain 15% milk and dairy products, 14% meat, fish, eggs, beans (proteins), 34% starch and whole grain products, 33% fruits and vegetables and 4% food and drink high in fat and sugar (Grunnars).






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