Obtaining degrees via online programs has become an extremely popular way of getting an education. It allows flexibility, and can also be more enjoyable for some as well as more affordable. Undergraduate and even Master’s programs that are offered online don’t seem so different from on-campus programs, especially since some programs combine online and campus classes. However, when it comes to PhDs, it is a whole different story. Doctorate degrees consist of a great deal of research, papers and fewer classes and courses like the other degree programs demand. How does this affect getting a PhD through an online program and how can one actually benefit from such a program more than a campus-based one?

Many unthinkable tasks have been made possible through the Internet, and earning a PhD and various Doctorate degrees is one of them. More and more schools are offering online PhD programs that allow students the flexibility of pursuing a higher education without having to give up their jobs. Courses are offered online, and some programs also require a few campus-based courses as well. Such programs are generally known as “Blended” programs. Students can receive online mentoring from the school or university’s faculty members in order to help conduct their research for their papers and   dissertations , just like they would were they to join a campus-based PhD program.

The downside of online PhD programs is that not all programs are offered and that not all online PhD programs are offered by every college and university that offers online PhD programs. However, as time goes by, additional programs are being added, making it easier to find an online PhD program for your field of study. Another downside is that there is less face-to-face dialogue between student and instructor; however, this does not have to be the case. As mentioned earlier, students can or may have to combine online courses with campus courses. The benefits of only PhD programs exceed the shortcoming by far. Online programs can be easily tailored to fit into a working individual’s schedule so that the studies do not interfere with work, or family life. Many students who thought their busy lives would prevent them from obtaining their PhDs have been proven wrong by the growing amount of online post-graduate programs that are available today.


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