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Maybe Pastor Bob would let Phil do a few successive Sunday morning teaching sessions during the worship hour.We could get the congregation to understand a little of the science behind caring for the earth. We need Pastor Bob and Phil to build a money bridge. They need to use worship service time to get us involved with a third-world evangelism and service project. They could convince people that our own environmental stewardship could help fund it all. Once people see the connection, we can start the stewardship classes to show people how to save money and contribute. In the assignment text box, type a “2.” followed by 1of the lettered choicesabove, depending on which response you agree with. Bert has left the discussion reluctantly. His wife reminded him that the walk home takes 10 minutes and the bean casserole has now started cooking. The kids are hungry. Cal Lorrie, a nutritionist, has been listening to this conversation and decides to join in.

3. Does environmental stewardship affect what I eat? Ethel: Gee, maybe those third-world orphans I spoke of are already the environmentally responsible people. I mean, they surely lean less heavily on the environment than we do. Cal: One huge area of environmental stewardship involves what you choose to eat. Some third-world tribal groups probably eat mostly what they hunt and kill and do very little with vegetation unless the hunting fails for some reason. Sally: Why would you mention that? Isn’t a vegetarian diet just a choice you make because it may be healthier for you? Cal: It’s more than nutrition. It’s a food web concept. When you get your protein from beef, or worse, from shellfish, you eat higher and higher in the food web. More calories are expended to get protein from shrimp than from beans and rice. Ethel: Oh Cal, protein is protein. Doesn’t it cost the same amount to make the same quantity of protein?

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