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The field of biomedical engineering focuses on the application of engineering principles to design instruments for medicine, health care diagnostics, and treatment. Biomedical engineering is a combination of biology, medicine, and engineering. It uses the precision of engineering in the world of medicines. Some of the important applications of biomedical engineering include various therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices (ranging from clinical equipment to micro-implants, growth of biocompatible prostheses, imaging equipment (MRI and EEG), pharmaceutical drugs, therapeutic biological, and regenerative tissue growth.

Biomedical engineering focuses on the advancement of health care and it is an application of problem-solving techniques of engineering to medicine and health care devices. It has a futuristic approach towards technologies such as implantable medical devices. This study includes signal processing, stem, tissue cell and clinical engineering, clinical implants, etc.
Biomedical Engineering Challenges
There are several challenges which biomedical engineering student face and our biomedical engineering assignment help Writers make it simple for them. As this field is a combination of medicine and device designing (which are not at all compatible). Here, the professionals need to maintain a balance between medical care, engineering, and technology for human beings.
Few Challenging Topics of Biomedical Engineering
1. FUNDING – Though this field of engineering is very influential and progressive, but the testing and research are always expensive. Funding is necessary to maintain the reputation in the global competition and the high level of interest.
2. ETHICAL DILEMMAS – Biomedical engineering students face ethical dilemmas. There are certain things which make it possible for humans to cheat death and alter life, for example: synthetic biology, artificial life, and stem cell research. Biomedical engineers need to maintain their ethical standards and personal beliefs in their career path.
3. TARGETED SITES – Biomedical engineers create and innovate different ways to treat medical conditions. Biomedical engineering professor, Robert Langer, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology states that “finding new ways to deliver drugs to targeted sites in the human body is one of the greatest challenges. Overly aggressive measures can damage good cells and lead to dangerous or deadly side effects. Less intrusive measures have fewer risks but aren’t always effective when treating diseases that spread and affect other cells or parts of the body.”
4. PATIENT PRIVACY – One of the biggest challenges is maintaining patient privacy. They test medical products, design artificial organs, test medical equipment and develop blood sensors. It creates difficulty for them to access the devices without sufficient patient’s data. Biomedical engineers need to analyze previous medical conditions, medical history, race, weight, age, and gender.
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Biomedical Engineering – A Career
A biomedical engineer uses the principles of engineering to solve and analyze the problems in medicine and biology, integrates engineering principles with medical science to design equipment’s, devices or any software used. Biomedical engineers work in different disciplines like hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing biomedical engineering products, etc. It is a challenging career and requires a lot of efforts in studies and assignments. Responsibility grows as engineers gain experience where one can lead a team of researchers or some other managerial positions.

Biomedical Engineering Assignment Help
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