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Biotechnology Assignment Help by our writers
Biotechnology is a broad discipline which covers the study of cells, organisms, microorganisms and genetic materials, etc. for their application in medicine, agriculture, industries, and other daily life processes. Biotechnology deals with the relationship between technology and biology, i.e. the implementation of technology into biological principles. Some renowned scientists that have changed the face of biotechnology with their contributions are Robert Koch, Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin and Joseph Lister.
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Applications of Biotechnology
The applications of biotechnology have increased in various fields with the period. In our biotechnology assignment help, there are several areas that are covered by our Writers.
• Medicine – One of the most important applications of biotechnology is in the pharmaceutical industry. Research on some deadly diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS are facilitated by biotechnology. There are a large number of companies which uses biotechnological methods to produce drugs. Seek biotechnology assignment help from us at the affordable prices.
• Agriculture – Biotechnology is applied in several fields of agriculture. The concept of biotechnology is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical agents, bioremediation, production of biofuels and genetically modified organisms. is the right place to get biotechnology assignment help online.
• Industry – Biotechnology used in industries to produce new chemicals, biofuels, detergents and food products. Moreover, it is also known as the third wave in biotechnology that helps in creating new market while keeping the environment safe. Hence, it helps in lowering the carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions.
Scientists use biotechnology for the study of living organisms and biological system.

Areas of biotechnology covered by our biotechnology assignment help Writers:
1. Bio-informatics: It is an interdisciplinary field of science that helps in developing software tools for the biological data such as genetic codes. It also requires software and other computerized related methods for the analysis of biological molecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins etc.
2. Microbiology: Microbiology is the study of different types of microorganisms like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that are not visible to our naked eye. These microbes play an important role in nutrient cycling, biodegradation, food spoilage, and biotechnology. It also covers many sub-disciplines such as mycology, virology, and bacteriology.
3. Bio-processing: Bioprocessing is a crucial field of biotechnology that studies the concept of living organisms. It is a process that utilizes various living cells and its components to obtain desired products. These living organisms can be enzymes, bacteria, and chloroplasts etc.
4. Genetics: Genetics encompasses the Study of genes, genetic heredity, mutation, and heredity in various living organisms. This modern field of biotechnology includes gene function, variation, and distribution that are studied within the context of organisms, cell, and population. Moreover, these genetic processes work with the organism’s environment to depict their development and behavior.
5. Bio-robotics: Bio-robotics is a wide term that includes various fields of bionics, cybernetics and also genetic engineering as a whole. Also, it is the Study and development of robots which have help living beings in various biological functions. This field is also referred as the synthetic biology or bio nanotechnology.
6. Agricultural biotechnology: This field of biotechnology is popularly known as aggrotech that has been used to improve nutritional value in a variety of crops. It mainly includes the development of genetically modified crops which have better quality in terms of yield, pest resistance, and nutritional value. Furthermore, it also has been developed to a great extent in recent times.
7. Bioprocess engineering: This engineering deal with the knowledge of biology for the production of a variety of useful products in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, polymer, paper, and agriculture that is biologically useful. It also covers the work of mechanical and electrical engineers to apply the principles of their disciplines. Our biotechnology assignment help Writers offer help on bioprocess engineering too.
8. Chemical engineering: Chemical engineering combines the study of chemistry and engineering that produce, transform, transport, material, and energy for applications in the manufacturing industries. In this field of biotechnology, a chemical engineer designs large-scale processes that transform raw materials, living cells, and microorganisms into the beneficial forms and products.
Some other important topics that are covered by our writers include environmental biotechnology, medical biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology etc.

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