British Universities: Value More to Students’ Daily Performance


Due to length of schooling, when get admission to the university in the UK, the university entrance exam scores of Chinese students can only as a reference. Yang Qiong, Hong Kong Eurasian education project director, has her own view: “the UK universities students tend to attach great importance to academic performance at ordinary times, so compared with the college entrance examination, the school would prefer to see the students’ examination scores of three years high school.” So if students spent much time working for runescape gold for sale and sell rs accounts, they may be have fewer chance.

Each year after the university entrance exam, Yang Qiong will received a lot of consulting telephone about study abroad in British, among them there is no lack of some kids eager to out, to this part of the students, different those choosing to buy runescape accounts and enjoy their game time after the exam, Yang Qiong said, if their English is not bad, they can take the IELTS training courses, in July to get the IELTS score and apply for school visa, lucky, they still can catch up with the British schools begin in September.

When choosing study in the UK, Yang Qiong suggests that, students can refer to The Times world university rankings and QS world university rankings to choose professional. Among them, the rankings published in QS world universities rankings are organized by the education organization Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), they pay more attention to academic ranking. In addition to professional, geographical environment and eating habits are also factors students and parents must think about. Yang Qiong met before the individual student, choose a relatively quiet environment, suitable for quiet reading a book of Scotland, the school district, the result went to less than a year to bear lonely, want to transfer.

We all know that Britain has Oxford, Cambridge and other top schools around the world, but Yang Qiong said, for the Chinese high school students, to apply to the school was very hard, so now the domestic many parents for children to do planning ahead of time, to send their child to go to high school in England. Britain currently mainly has two private and public high schools, before public high school is not open to international students.

Yang Qiong said, students study in the UK high school take A-Levels, and when graduated from high school, they can choose the most suitable for their own worldwide universities, it is not only the gateway to the world first-class university, if has outstanding performance, also has the very big chance to top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, even to have the opportunity to apply to medical professional.

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