Business Research Project Part 1

Create a research question based on the two variables about Apple Inc. 




(DV) Dependant Variable= Sales dollars




(IV) Independent Variable= Shipments made




2.      Chapter 4 is about the research process and the stages throughout. Stage 1 is to clarify the research question. I think this is the most vital step as you cant properly form an answer if you don’t first populate a question. Stage 2 is to propose research and the text discussed this being the most skipped step due to cost but without proper research your findings can be inconclusive or false. Stage 3 is to design the research project. When reading the text I took this as the road map for the research. It outlines what will be covered a how it will be covered. Its like the rules for the research. Stage 4 is to data collect and preparation which is to actually execute stage 3’s plan. Stage 5 is to analyze the findings from data collected. Stage 6 is to report results from research. A well thought out research will include all five stages to ensure it is organized and clear.








3.      Chapter 6 discusses research design, what it is and the process for it. The most important types of design are stated in the text as exploratory, descriptive and casual. The text went on to discuss the ability of the researcher to manipulate variables in research. When research is not independent I believe this could happen. If a company wants to be the leader in an industry and sets out to prove it with researching competitors are they going to manipulate the data to prove they are the best? Probably. Bias is important in research that is why when a company states they are the best in an industry they usually say where they pulled the statistic from such as “according to a poll done by the local paper we are the best used car sales man in the area to deal with.”








4.      Chapter 12 of Business Research Methods discusses various measurement scales. This was quite a change for me because I have a science background for my undergrad and many research projects I have done are shown quantitatively in the form of just measuring observations. However, this is not the case for Business Research. According to our text, “Scales in business research are generally constructed to measure behavior, knowledge, and attitudes (Cooper, page 268). This has more components than just observing and recording. Attitudes are developed in each individual and their response can be affected by predetermined notions of a topic or product so selecting the appropriate type of measurement becomes important to increase the reliability of the responses.




Cooper, Donald, Pamela Schindler. Business Research Methods, 12th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 03/2013. VitalBook file.


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