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Organize your introduction by topics, not by sources. A critical introduction in this class deals with three subject areas related to your play, plus a section on pedagogy. Each topic/section should deal with at least 3 critical sources. The outline should use indentation as modeled below. Everything should be double spaced. Use complete sentences (the document is to be a “sentence” outline). When you incorporate quotations from your play and information from secondary sources, be sure to use parenthetical reference. Your outline MUST contain material from your secondary sources. These must include at least 5 critical sources (Shakespeare criticism). Your outline should include a list of works cited. Now is a good time to eliminate the errors in your bibliography. Very important: Include a review of previous criticism. Here is a model to follow. Remember to double space everything. A. Subpoints receive capital letters. B. Please remember that if you have a I, you must also have a II. 2. If you have a 1, you must also have a 2, and so forth. See what I mean? II. And then you give another main point at the left margin.

Grades: 4.5 and 5 mean that your project is virtually ready to take to the draft stage. A 4 indicates that you’ve done solid but not flawless work; adjustment and/or further research may be necessary before you write the draft. A 3.5 indicates that your paper is significantly problematic; you must come see me and/or visit the Writing Center. A 3 means that your project is in serious trouble and that you need to get help right away. Doing the assignment: It is very important to do an outline. Four of you blew off the assignment. For those folks and for at least half of you who did do the assignment, a conference is definitely in order. Title and focused topic: Your project must have a title at this point. It should include the paper’s focused topic. Regarding focus: You must say more about less rather than less about more.

Research: Many of you need to do further research before you can attempt to write your drafts. Note that if, say, you are writing your paper from a Jungian point of view, you had better cite Jungian critics. If I have told you to read and incorporate the work of a particular critic or critics, you had better do so. Thesis statements: Many of you need to look at your current thesis statement and ask, “So what? ” (Do not accuse me of being rude in saying this; the question is straight out of Writing Analytically!) The answer to that question will be a more successful thesis than what you currently have. Remember: Your objective is not only to explain what something is or does but also to offer an interpretation on that basis. Criticism: Your paper should express an answer to the following question: “Why is this paper needed?

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