According to a recent study, 30% of college students fail

their courses for not handing in their term papers on time.

However, with many courses requiring weekly (or even daily)

papers, in addition to a term paper, and many of today’s

students juggling school, work, family, and a social life, time

is the one thing all students are short on. Many are choosing

to handle this problem by purchasing term papers online. But,

according the Ivy Survey, more than 80% of papers purchased

online are plagiarised. At most universities the penalties for

plagiarism are severe, ranging from failure to expulsion. As

more professors begin using plagiarism checking software, the

dangers of purchasing a paper increase. So, what is the savvy

student to do? Following a few simple tips will allow you to

safely purchase a high quality paper, while avoiding the risk

of a plagiarism accusation.

First, understand that the same guidelines apply when

shopping online as in the real world. Try to buy from a

well-established and reputable company. Before you purchase a

paper, take the time to do some preliminary investigation.

Answering a few important questions now can save you a lot of

heartache in the future.

Are all of their papers written from scratch? This is the

most important consideration. Some unscrupulous companies copy

papers off of Web, or sell the same paper over and over again.

This is guaranteed to be detected by plagiarism checking

software. Also, many professors scout the Web for pre-written

papers. Avoid any company that dos not guarantee that its

papers are 100% original.

Do they have a clear privacy policy listed? Avoid companies

that do not explicitly tell you how they will use your

information. Maintaining a privacy policy is part of being a

responsible online business. Companies without a privacy

policy may use your information for marketing purposes,

including selling it to third parties. If the company does

have a privacy policy, read and understand it.

Do they have a return policy? Make sure that you understand

how the company will handle any complaints you have. You

should choose a company that will revise your paper free of

charge if you are dissatisfied with it. If the paper you

receive is completely unacceptable, the company should offer

you a refund. If the company has no policy for dispute

resolution, go elsewhere.

Do they have a reputation? If you can, ask your friends for

recommendations. If this is not possible, check the Web. If the

company uses PayPal as a payment provider, check their PayPal


Are they listed on another reputable, community-reviewed site,

such as Ebay,

MySpace, or

RentACoder? Check their

comments and/or feedback. See if a quick Google search turns

up anything. Often, people will discuss their experiences with

a particular company on forums and newsgroups.

If you have the time, consider contacting the company prior

to making an order. The timeliness and courtesy of the response

is a good indication of the company’s customer service ethic.

Do not do business with a company that does not reply to you

quickly, and take the time to address all of your concerns.

When you have chosen a company, and are ready to make your

purchase, remember to fill out the order form in as much detail

as possible. If your instructions are incomplete or unclear,

it will cause delays in processing your order. However, if you

are requested to provide irrelevant personal information such

as your security number, do not do so. The company does not

need anything other than your contact information, order

details, and payment information. If the company demands

information that you do not feel comfortable providing, do not

do business with that company.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to purchase

a high-quality term paper safely, and free up your time for

other things.


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