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How would you analyze this development and purchase of American companies by businesses from emerging economies? Support your comments with information from this week’s lecture, readings and your research. Illustrate and reinforce your answer with any theories from international trade and FDI theories. The stadium owners need to find the optimum price for the games. 2. Characterize the demand and supply for tickets based on the calculated elasticies. 3. What is the optimum price that the stadium owners can set for the tickets? 4. Why is the selected price for the tickets better than other prices given in the table above? Growing up, family vacations were difficult for your instructor because both she and her father have a disease called FHS muscular dystrophy that causes inability to walk, severe pain, and other problems. It’s about as “fun” as it sounds! Let’s consider a family in the same situation that is considering taking a 10-day vacation, the only one possible in ten years due to their busy schedules.

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