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It’s more frustrating for me to be checked up on a regular basis and told to do what and when. Still, there are no signs that they will be doing that anytime soon. My advisor went on sabbatical the first semester of my final year. I completely panicked when I found out he was going on sabbatical (about 8 months before). I don’t know if it was because of the panic or what, but I pretty much solved my problem over the summer while he was still around. I spent the fall he was away writing, writing, writing. And applying for jobs. He was pretty responsive to email and only gone for a month to six weeks at a time, so I actually got a couple of meetings with him, too. I get tenure there will be one shortly after. Do you call around to colleagues to ask about visiting for the semester or year? My husband is non-professorially gainfully employed at the same university as me.

We spent a year apart during my postdoc years, and it sucked sucked sucked. So should I seriously consider a sabbatical somewhere far away? Or should I just stick around and travel for little bits of time? Surely spouses don’t simply quit their jobs to travel every six years. MathTT raises an important point. My wife isn’t a university professor. If I want a sabbatical out of town, we can’t work to synchronize our sabbaticals and find institutions or locales that are useful for both of us. We’ll either spent 6-12 months apart or she’ll quit her job. So, what do people with non-academic spouses do about sabbaticals? When I was growing up, my professor father had two sabbaticals. The first round, he took the whole family along with us. My non-academic mother was employed as a marker at the university, but was still at that point a “stay-at-home mom”, so it was doable. The second time, however, my mother had gone back to work and the my sibling and I were in junior high, so it wasn’t so easy to pack the whole family up.

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