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It is so true! I got laid off few years ago. While my husband was working, I made most of the money so it was a big deal and I just had a baby at that time. Out of desperation I created freelancing and writing gigs for myself to make money. And if you don’t know what to do in life, like career, most people change careers over 7 times throughout their life so noting is set in stone. You just have to do something! Get started with little successes, one accomplishment at a time. It will motivate you. Also, act like the person you want to be. I just need to finish writing a book. Best of luck man! Wow, that was inspirational! I don’t know what about you guys, but my worst enemy is laziness. And also procrastination. I don’t know where they come from, but they always stop me from doing things.

I’m trying to cope with them because I am now at the age when a person should finally figure out what he wants to do with his life. They say I have to start small, but to me it looks like a milder form of procrastination. You’re right, one can’t succeed without setting ambitious goals, and that’s what I’m going to do! I tend to use my bad experiences as fuel to give me energy to get further in life. Thanks for stopping by. I beleve that if you just you get caught up in all the tiny things that are all wrong or bugging you will lose yourself Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I think if you’re desperate enough and even want it badly enough, you can make it. Often times when there isn’t another choice, people can do remarkable things. I’ll give you my vote of confidence.

Right now I’m majoring in nursing and its very hard but with your advice im sure I will succeed no matter what. Thanks so much El Seductor! I enjoyed reading this hub and the what can make one successful. The comments your excellent article elicit is marvellous – well done. Voted up, interesting and useful. I love this post and I love your writing style. I skipped your comment but didn’t mean to. I apologize and I truly am glad you stopped by to read this. I’m glad you found it motivational. THanks my dear “Jeanine”! Love always and always thank you for your support. THank you” elle64″- what a great compliment! Thank you for stopping by. I’ve had some discussions lately with teachers and my astonishment is how they can acutally not get discouraged in their line of work- I hate to say it, but I understand. I was in the same boat- I had to make some money somewhere from home and I took a big leap with writing- I think any creative type of work is a real blessing to get any recognition and/or money. Let us be the lucky ones!

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