Suggestions for Boosting English Learning Disabled Students' Motivation

How many times have we encountered as teachers, parents, friends – and even ourselves – the saying "it will not work, I will not succeed; why bother?" Most of teachers and other personnel who work as instructors meet with students who are not interested to learn a certain topic, as a second language (English in […]

Financial Assistance Could Help Make Private Education More Affordable For Your Family

What do you think of when you hear "private schools"? A higher quality of education? A wider range of qualifications? More extra curricular activities? Or is it the private school fees that spring to mind first? Reports have shown that parents in Britain spend more on educating their children privately than in any other country. […]

How to Deal With Academic Plagiarism

Whenever we hear the term Plagiarism, the initial impression that comes to our minds is the one about a high school or college student plagiarizing on her paper. The fact, on the other hand, might be more different, as each day, we hear news regarding famous people, teachers, educators and also political figures plagiarizing somehow. […]

Teachers Disciplining Children in School – Is Their Reaction Positive Or Negative?

Teachers often say that they worry that discipline will result in children disliking them and being afraid of them. In fact the opposite is true – children do not react negatively to being disciplined. How come? A recent example demonstrates the fact admirably … In town I encountered a group of young children. If you […]