Teachers Disciplining Children in School – Is Their Reaction Positive Or Negative?

Teachers often say that they worry that discipline will result in children disliking them and being afraid of them. In fact the opposite is true – children do not react negatively to being disciplined. How come? A recent example demonstrates the fact admirably … In town I encountered a group of young children. If you […]

Student Learning on the Carpet

Many teachers believe that teaching from the carpet is a practice that should end after Kindergarten. The argument is that the students should practice self-control and be able to learn from their seats. In the real world, adults are not able to sit down on the floor to work. My view is that these teachers […]

Life Doesn’t Happen To You, It Happens Irrespective Of You – How To Embrace The Process Of Life

Laying The Foundations For Something Greater When you’re faced with a problem, it may seem the circumstances are deliberately happening to you. It is difficult to step away from the problem and see it from a different perspective because you’re invested in it. When you seek a different viewpoint, you are able to step back […]