Describe and analyze lesbian or cultural feminism. You may choose to think about some of the following questions: what were some of the major ideas promoted by lesbian or cultural feminist groups such as the Radicalesbians, or by writers, artists, and activists including Adrienne Rich and Barbara Hammer? What is a “woman-identified woman”? What is “compulsory heterosexuality?” How did lesbian feminists understand patriarchy, and how did they interpret the goal of the feminist movement? Finally, what were some of the critiques offered by feminists of these strategies and ideas?

[wpecpp name=”lesbian or cultural feminism” price=”40″ align=”center”] Your extended response should be approximately 500 words, or two double-spaced pages, and should address one of the following questions by drawing on our readings, lectures, and classroom discussions. Your response should draw from at least two different authors. Please indicate in the heading of your paper your full name, […]

Case Study 2: Improving E-Mail Marketing Response

[wpecpp name=”Improving E-Mail Marketing Response” price=”40″ align=”center”] Read the following case study. Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center. Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. A company wishes to improve its e-mail marketing process, as measured by an increase in the response rate to […]

Performance Elements

[wpecpp name=”Performance Elements” price=”40″ align=”center”] Initial post -Please choose ONE of the following options: Performance Elements: Drama is different in many ways from other literary forms because it has major components that cannot be clearly experienced when it is read, but which instead can only be experienced when one watches a play performed. For this […]