Teamwork. That’s how Philippine Azkals broke the record after winning a friendly match against Singapore after 40 long years. There is nothing better for a team to compete with proper coordination of every player. Believing to conquer the impossible is the right attitude for an underdog team like the Philippines. Regardless of the lack of […]

Developing A plan to gain URAC Accreditation

URAC Accreditation  Goal: To help students who drop out of college as a result of drug addiction to transform their lives and continue with their studies. Plan: Establish a drug rehabilitation facility and equip it with the necessary equipment and qualified personnel. The facility will help the drug addict students to change their addiction problems […]

English Paper

The point is not simply that, since our racial differences do not constitute all of us, we are always different, negotiating different kinds of differences — of gender, of sexuality, of class. It is also that these antagonisms refuse to be neatly aligned; they are simply not reducible to one another; they refuse to coalesce […]

APPLE: Brand and Audience Analysis

INTRODUCTION When we consider innovative and advancing mobile phone as well as computer technology that are always constantly changing, overall achievement, and brand and client dedication like no other, what organization normally rings a bell? Apple Inc. Presently called Apple Inc., the organization started as a maker of personal computers and was primarily called Apple […]