Course Reflection on Social Influences

This course has remained one of the most informative, with fascinating ideas on human social influences, as well as how such influences determine human interactions. Some of the most compelling topics were in chapters 6 and 12. While Chapter 6 outlines the nature and impact of social influences in human interactions, chapter 12 focused on […]

Annotated bibliography

Carillo, Maria, and Concetto Vinci. “Social Increasing Returns and the Effects of Immigration on the Host Country Economy.” Labour 13.3 (1999): 623-645. Web. This source states that the undocumented immigrants in the United States expand the country’s economic productivity. According to this source, this is evident through a promotion of specialization and stimulation of investments. […]


Introduction The case on John Ryan, is developed in the context of the eight stages of clinical reasoning. These stages are: describing the patient, collecting the cues, processing information, determining the problems, establishing the goals, action taking, evaluating the outcomes and reflecting on the process as well as new learning (Levett-Jones & Bourgeois 2011). The […]